22-Year-Old Gets Wife to Pose as His Mom so He Could Play HS Basketball

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 4, 2013

Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports (pictured: MacKenzie Newell on right)
Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports (pictured: MacKenzie Newell on right)

If you are into the bizarre and peculiar, you might enjoy this story of a 22-year-old faking his transcripts and getting his wife to pose as his mother so he could go back and play high school basketball. 

On February 28, Commercial Appeal (h/t Big Lead) reported that Ridgeway High School's boys basketball team had been disqualified from the postseason, destroying the chances of what many believed to be a state contender.

WREG then reported the team was disqualified because one of their players was actually a 22-year-old man who falsified documents just so he could live out his dream of playing high school basketball. 

At least he aimed high. 

A married man was on the court, living out his dream playing high school basketball with these underage students.

The man has been identified at McKenzie Sewell, who wore number 22 on the court. The state found out and disqualified the team just as they rose to number three in the state.

“There was a 22-year-old who falsified his documents and they got disqualified from everything and a lot of players getting scouted got screwed over,” said student Carlos Delgado.

Oh, sure. Drew Barrymore goes back to high school and it's a story filled with whimsy, but this guy does it and everyone gets all grumpy. 

The report goes on to say some sources were willing to issue Sewell (also referred to as McKinzie Sewell in a Yahoo! Sports report) is a former gang member and that his wife posed as his legal guardian. 

While the wife remains unnamed, Big Lead reports she is 35 years old. 

So, it seems true love is willing to risk the hopes and dreams of kids so that you might get your husband another shot at playing basketball in Tennessee. 

I never thought I would have to offer up this advice, but feel it's necessary to those who might consider coming out of high school sports retirement. 


The only thing more pathetic than continuing to live off former prep sports glory is trying to go back and capture more. 

What's worse is these kids have already had to deal with a tragedy far worse than being sent home from the postseason.

Back in February, the body of an assistant coach was found murdered in his home, and a week before the team, "was forced to play without 10 players in the District 15-AAA tournament because of a fight against Overton in the regular-season finale," via Commercial Appeal

These young kids who could certainly use a respite at the moment are excused from play because one man thought he might give high school basketball another shot. 

What's more, the live report on WREG issued "there are now a number of other allegations being looked into tonight (February 28) including the possibility that this man actually had a relationship with an underage student here at the school."  

So it takes a special kind of awful to fake documents and go back to play high school basketball. 


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