Superstar or Has Been: MMA Fighters Time Is Catching Up With

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Superstar or Has Been: MMA Fighters Time Is Catching Up With
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Aging sucks. 

Your hair falls out, your skin turns to silly putty and your status as a fighter dwindles from "championship-level" to "still really badass guy who just isn't what he used to be." 

We can all relate.

As a 22-year-old writer, I sure know I can. 

Time is not nice to any of us, but whenever you compound the effects of aging with brain damage, constant injury and copious amounts of stress, getting old flat out sucks more when you are a professional fighter. 

Instead of your 13-year-old daughter making fun of your bald spot and sarcastically calling you "gramps," millions of eager viewers tune in on Saturdays to watch you get knocked out (again) on the world's greatest stage. 


Fear not, grumpy old fighters, for I am here to honor your advanced age. 

Sure, making this list actually means I think of your skills as an MMA fighter in an unfavorable light, but that's OK. 

You'll forget you were even on the list right after you hit up the Denny's Early Bird special, anyway.

Now, start the slideshow, and flip through it quickly. 

I want to get off your lawns as quickly as possible. 

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