MLB 2K13: Perfect Game Challenge Showcases Intense Excitement for New Release

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2013

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MLB 2K13 goes on sale Tuesday, and the release has once again sent the video game community into a frenzy over the 2013 edition of the Perfect Game Challenge.

This annual contest predicated on pitching a perfect game in the new edition of the video game series faced its fair share of controversy last year (h/t Joystiq), so the game developers have completely revamped the way the competition works and created something new and unique.

The Perfect Game Challenge is even wilder than before, and the intrigue over the new contest and all the chances to win will have MLB 2K13 flying off the shelves.

2KSports did away with the idea that the first person to complete the perfect game would win the prize in 2012, but the controversy that surrounded the new rules proved more changes needed to be made.

The company hopes the flaws with the competition have been worked out, but there is no questioning how interesting the new contest rules are and how much intrigue that is created.

Each perfect game will be categorized by the team the gamer uses when he completes the feat, with 30 total winners (one from each MLB franchise) being crowned and victors receiving $25,000 each.

After the 30 winners are crowned, 2KSports will name the top four qualifiers—scores will be based on the team used, the team faced and overall difficulty—and the finals will take place in New York during the 2013 MLB All-Star Game festivities.

The grand prize winner will walk away with a cool $250,000.

With that much on the line for a video game, the intensity and excitement over the release of MLB 2K13 will have hardcore and casual baseball fans alike flocking to stores to purchase the latest installment in the annual series.

The contest does not officially begin until April 1, which means the gaming community has been given a month head start to get ready for the competition by 2KSports.

That ability to practice will have plenty of fans dedicating hours upon hours to the contest, and the 30 perfect games should be completed within a day of the competition beginning.

Baseball and video game enthusiasts alike will be falling over themselves to get their hands on this game, practice for a month and get a chance at the Perfect Game Challenge.

There is so much cash on the line in this contest that anyone that considers themselves a talented gamer would be foolish to pass on the opportunity to win big.