Linda McMahon May Be Running for Office Again

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 4, 2013

AP Photo
AP Photo

Linda McMahon may be channeling John Cena by refusing to stay down. Despite twice losing in her campaign to become U.S. senator, rumblings suggest that McMahon may be seeking public office once more.

Neil Vigdor wrote on, "A person familiar with the dynamics of the relationship between McMahon and her party told the newspaper that the GOP has quietly tried to gauge McMahon's interest in running for Congress in the 4th District in 2014."

Perhaps a move from seeking a senatorial seat to a congressional one would offer McMahon a better chance to win. A congressional race is usually less high-profile than a senate race, and McMahon could more easily focus on the constituents of her home district.

As of now, though, McMahon's return to the campaign trail is only rumored.

A scheduled meeting with GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. sometime next week has helped kick start rumors of McMahon running once more.  This may mean nothing, however.

Vigdor writes that Labriola "downplayed the significance of his upcoming audience with McMahon, saying he keeps in touch with most of the party's standard bearers."

McMahon herself said in a recent interview with the Huffington Post:

I have absolutely no plan to run for office again, but I would hope to be able to affect it more, a little bit more, from the outside in, and so, you know, work with hopefully different leaders, different business people, different political people to help organise that change and philosophy because we do need to do it.

This certainly sounds like a woman not running for office, but she still seems to be in the campaign groove. She recently posted a photo of herself on her Facebook page in a welder's mask at a training lab in Houston.

She wrote, "I'd love to put this program to work in CT!"

This is the kind of photo-op one creates when attempting to win over a contingency. Perhaps she is just keeping her options option. Perhaps she can't shake her campaign fever.

Is she wondering if she was just close enough to victory in her run for senate run that a congressional seat is winnable?

Until the next elections come and go without Linda McMahon's presence, political pundits and WWE fans will continue to wonder if she is truly done with politics, if she will, as she says, affect things "from the outside in."