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Debate: Should Dolphins Sign Jake Long to a Long-Term Contract?

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Debate: Should Dolphins Sign Jake Long to a Long-Term Contract?
Chris Trotman/Getty Images

With Jake Long reportedly asking for $11M per year, should Miami sign him to a long-term deal?


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Not at his ridiculous price tag. He is asking to be paid like an elite LT when he himself has not played at that level the past two seasons. I love Lo...
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If he was considering a discount...then definantly...but he is way to expensive for a OT that hasn't played a full season for 3 years...if they want t...
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Even though Long will be 28 next season, he has entered what have shown to be the peak years for that position (27->32). It's true that he has los...
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Seriously?! There is no doubt Jake Long deserves consideration .... But to believe his 'body of work' over the past 2+ years gives him reason to be lo...
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