Megumi Fujii: Legend Wants in UFC, Promotion Should Create Strawweight Division

Nathan McCarterFeatured ColumnistMarch 4, 2013

Photo Credit: Daniel Herbertson/
Photo Credit: Daniel Herbertson/

Megumi Fujii wants to compete in the UFC. That will not happen, but it should.


I will do a good job too in UFC!

— 藤井惠 Megumi Fujii (@MegaMeguCat) March 3, 2013


UFC President Dana White has been adamant that the organization is looking to add a 115-pound men's division. In theory, that sounds fine. However, the strawweight division is nowhere near what it needs to be in terms of depth or talent to be considered for inclusion in the UFC. Women's strawweight is a different story.

The strawweight division is arguably the deepest division in all of women's MMA, and Fujii stands alone in that division. This is a prime opportunity to bring her in as the poster child of the new division.

Why wait years for the men when the women are ready now?

Now, I know what you are thinking: “The UFC is cutting the roster as it is right now, so why add a new division?”

The UFC's partnership with Invicta FC would allow them to create a new women's division with ease without hampering their current roster. Any overflow they may have can be easily placed on an upcoming Invicta FC card. It's the perfect situation as they continue to help grow the women's game.

The upper echelon fights can be placed on Fuel and FX cards. Title fights can happen on FOX or as the co-main event on lesser pay-per-views.

Bellator has had a women's tournament at 115 pounds, but there is no concrete division. The No. 1-ranked female, Jessica Aguilar, is signed to Bellator, but she has next to no one to fight unless she moves up to 125 pounds. The sea of talent below her is up for grabs and easily available for the UFC to take.

Even Aguilar is seemingly interested in the potential UFC strawweight division.

The second place MMA promotion only lists five total fighters on their website, and only three are at 115 pounds. Fujii is listed, but judging by her tweets and most recent fight, she is able to be signed by the UFC if they decided to venture deeper in to women's MMA.

Fujii has two blemishes on her record, but both are controversial decisions. Her 26 wins consist of 20 finishes. She is an exciting and beloved fighter, and would be a great asset as an ambassador of the sport in Asia.

If the UFC is seeking to add a 115-pound division, it only makes sense to make it a new women's division, and not wait on the men. It is still years away while the women are able to start right now. Flyweights wanting to compete in the UFC will move up to bantamweight, and atomweights would try their luck at strawweight. All the while, they could compete at their natural weight classes in Invicta.

Fujii wants to compete in the Octagon, and she should be given that chance. If White and company are serious about adding a strawweight division, they should contact Fujii and introduce their second women's division to the masses. It would be a shame if they let this opportunity pass.