Randy Orton: Latest on the Viper's Planned Heel Turn

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIMarch 7, 2013

Source: WWE.com
Source: WWE.com

Randy Orton has been lobbying for a heel turn for some time now, and reports began to circulate around November last year that a character change for the Viper is imminent.

Orton was pinned by Ziggler and it was said to be part of his heel turn (F4Wonline via wrestlinginc.com). He was later defeated clean by Wade Barrett, which too was rumored to be part of the plan (PWInsider, via wrestlinginc.com)

He suffered loss after loss, but the heel turn never came.

According to a report from F4Wonline (via wrestlinginc.com), we should be seeing Orton’s more nefarious side soon after April 7th.

"It was reported in January that WWE's creative team had plans for Randy Orton to turn heel following numerous requests on the part of The Viper...plans for Orton to become a villain again are still in place and it is expected to take place soon after WrestleMania."

Ever since Orton returned from his 60-day wellness policy violation suspension he's been far from dominant.

There was a period where Orton was the company's hottest property, where he bowled through any obstacle that was in his way, but this was no longer the case.

The once-untouchable Viper has suffered clean losses in the last 8 months to stars like Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett, and he even tapped out to Alberto Del Rio.

It's possible that Orton has paid his debt to the company and his heel turn after WrestleMania could see the WWE's Apex Predator once again being, well, WWE's Apex Predator.

Orton returning to form and reclaiming his position atop the WWE roster would give birth to many exciting prospective feuds.

Enough time has passed that old rivalries like Orton vs Punk and Orton vs Cena would feel fresh, and it would be fantastic to see the brutal Brock Lesnar take on the savage, serpentine superstar.

In terms of short-term thinking, one has to question how this factors into Orton's program with The Shield. 

Will he become more malicious and ruthless after a loss to the trio, or will he end up joining and leading them?

Time will tell, but either way expect The Viper to strike in a big way sometime soon. 

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