Sheamus Has Fun with the New WWE Title: Let's Hope This Trend Doesn't Continue

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistMarch 3, 2013

From @WWESheamus via Twitter
From @WWESheamus via Twitter

Sheamus recently posted a doctored picture of the WWE Championship belt on his Twitter account.  Sheamus' version of the WWE title, which now brandishes The Rock's trademark Brahma Bull on the side plates, replaces the Brahma Bull with a clover to celebrate Sheamus' Irish heritage. 

The picture, while lighthearted, speaks to a potentially looming trend that could compromise the prestige of the WWE Championship. 

The new WWE Championship belt, beautiful and majestic in its own right, is not without its faults.  Modified side plates of The Rock's trademark logo present the title as temporary, with the belt conforming to its owner.

Shouldn't it be the other way around?

A possibly ever-changing WWE Championship belt defeats the purpose of scrapping the old spinner WWE Championship, which was often criticized as a toy. 

Should the WWE Championship continue to be modified in honor of its current owner, it will lose its identity of a WWE Championship. 

Instead, it will become a prop similar to The Million Dollar title.  It'll be The Rock's WWE Championship, John Cena's WWE Championship, etc., as opposed to a singular WWE Championship that is not partisan to any Superstar. 

WWE has a more encouraging version of the belt for sale as a replica.  That one shows the WWE logo on the nameplates. 

The company, not the superstar, is celebrated on its most defining symbol of greatness.  Which is the way it ought to be. 

Once The Rock's run as WWE Champion has ended, hopefully the WWE title will once again become a WWE title.