5 UFC Fighters You Can't Help but Like

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIMarch 4, 2013

5 UFC Fighters You Can't Help but Like

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    Every UFC fighter has a different personality inside and outside the cage.

    Some are serious and some are just happy go lucky. Every fighter is different and that is what makes them unique.

    Some fighters have personalities that fans just can't get behind. Sometimes they do things that makes fans hate them.

    There are 101 different reasons you could hate a fighter, but none of them apply to the following five men under UFC contract.

    They range from gentle giants, to comic book nerds, to a self-proclaimed dinosaur expert.

    Here are five UFC fighters you can't help but like.

Junior Dos Santos

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    The former heavyweight champion may look like one of the most intimidating fighters out there, but as it turns out he's also one of the nicest.

    When dos Santos coached on season 13 of The Ultimate Fighter, he came across as a very dedicated coach and a man who just wants to have a little fun.

    He's a gentle giant who is always defending his nice guy attitude in interviews.

    It seems like it's hard for some people to wrap their heads around the fact that this monster knockout artist is a genuine nice guy.

Georges St. Pierre

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    Georges St. Pierre is nothing but a model ambassador for the UFC.

    He has helped grow the sport immensely, especially in Canada.

    He is a role model that proves that hard work and dedication can help you overcome just about anything.

    St. Pierre is humble and is always willing to open up and share details about himself the public didn't know.

    For instance, the welterweight champion is a huge dinosaur fan. How can you not like a guy who loves dinosaurs?

    Here's another one. To help pay for his school bills, he worked as a garbage man for six months.

    He's also one of the most respectful fighters you'll ever meet outside the Octagon.

Brian Stann

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    The former marine captain is a classy and down to earth man that you can't help but like and respect.

    When Stann was serving as a marine, his platoon was ambushed and assaulted for six days. The platoon didn't lose a single man and Stann was later awarded the Silver Star for his efforts.

    Stann is always guaranteed to put on a good fight in the Octagon. He has heavy hands and a never say die attitude that allows him to always give his best.

    Outside of the Octagon, he is a very articulate man who is an excellent liaison between the UFC and the public.

    Stann is also the President and CEO of Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit organization that helps U.S. military veterans find jobs.

    Very hard not to like a man who fights for what he believes in like Stann does.

Ben Henderson

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    Benson Henderson is the UFC's current lightweight champion.

    He hasn't lost a UFC fight yet and has looked better and better in each bout that came his way.

    Henderson is a model citizen inside and outside the cage.

    He is a proud Christian and uses his fights to share his beliefs with others.

    Henderson, as it turns out, is also a huge X-Men fan. He grew up reading the comic books and is completely into the Marvel universe.

    A dream of his is to one day get drawn into a comic book alongside his favourite heroes.

    Henderson is charismatic, savvy and an all-around good guy. Plus, he's arguably the best lightweight in the world today.

Pat Barry

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    It is near impossible to not like Pat Barry.

    He's hilarious, humble and always willing to make a joke at his expense.

    He regularly posts funny videos including the "Pat Barry I Hate" segment on Youtube.

    Don't forget about him singing California Dreamin' in a car with Mirko Cro Cop.

    Or the one where he kicks the punching machine. The list could honestly go on and on.

    Barry is also a very exciting fighter to watch. A K-1 level striker, he has some of the nastiest punches and kicks in the heavyweight division.

    Win or lose, you know your going to be cheering on your feet when Barry enters the Octagon.

    Plus, how could you not like a guy who dances a mean Techno Viking?


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