New York Jets' 2013 Season Already Looking Ugly

Lee Schechter@@leeschechterContributor IIIMarch 4, 2013

New York Jets' 2013 Season Already Looking Ugly

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    The New York Jets finished last season with a record of 6-10 due to a stagnant offense and similarly inconsistent defense.

    The injury to star cornerback Darrelle Revis definitely had an impact on the defense, yet quarterback Mark Sanchez and the Jets horrid offensive performances are among the chief reasons for the Jets' dismal season.

    As with every season, Rex Ryan sets high expectations for his Jets, but he should not expect a Super Bowl championship like he has in the past

    Here are three reasons why the New York Jets' 2013 season is already looking ugly. 

1. Darrelle Revis May Not Be a Jet in 2013

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    Darrelle Revis could be on his way out with the New York Jets. 

    Revis' name has floated around as a potential suitor in San Francisco, although that destination now seems rather unlikely. 

    The Jets have expressed uncertainty in their desire to trade Revis, but did shop him at the combine.

    According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News:

    Now they will risk losing him for nothing if they don’t trade him by the Tuesday after the eighth game of the 2013 season or if they don’t have him signed before he becomes an unrestricted free agent next March. Only the Jets could get themselves into this kind of situation with their best player.

    While it is sad that they may lose Revis, Myers is right in that, it seems, only the Jets could find themselves in such an untenable scenario.

    Revis is undeniably one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, if not the best, even after coming off of a season ending ACL injury.  With "Revis Island" comes the ability to essentially take one side of the field out of play for opposing offenses in the passing game. 

    The Jets have been quiet on the matter of Revis' status, which may be an indicator they are looking to deal Revis.

    According to Matt Verderame of SBNation:

    The Jets clearly want to trade him, saying as much by saying absolutely nothing. Problem is, New York knows it's not going to get anything close to fair market value. Any team that acquires Revis is going to have to shell out a huge sum of money to keep him, albeit off an ACL tear.

    Good luck getting two first round picks, probably what a healthy Revis is worth.

    The loss of Revis would be worse than just losing the team's best player.  The Jets would not gain the proper value that Revis is worth due to the ACL tear and the trends of the NFL markets.

2. The Tim Tebow Situation

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    The Jets' acquisition of Tim Tebow following the 2011 season seems all the more foolish now that hype that came with the signing has faded to the uncertainty of how the franchise can move on from from the media circus surrounding a player who produced next to nothing.

    He hardly played at the quarterback position, accounted for no touchdowns and eventually wound up sitting behind Mark Sanchez (and even Greg McElroy) by the season's end.

    Tebow takes all the criticism for not being able to throw the ball very well with his career 47.9 completion percentage, but the quarterback knew how to eek out last-minute victories with the Broncos.

    New York and Tebow was never the ideal marriage. 

    According to Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, "The 2012 season was a completely wasted year for Tebow. He threw six passes, ran 32 times and accounted for 141 yards of offense."

    Amidst the lack of playing time and on-field performances by Tebow, the media could not shift its focus from Tebow Mania.  

    The Jets were constantly in the eye of the media even more than usual, thanks to the media frenzy that accompanies Tebow wherever he goes. 

    Tebow will most likely be out of a Jets uniform and probably out of the NFL, but if he stays with the Jets under the contract, his publicity will continue to hurt this team. 

    It is time for the Jets to move on from Tebow, but they will still feel the effects in 2013, as Tebow Mania will probably last even after Tebow is gone from a Jets uniform.  

    Tebow's achievements with the Jets in 2012 were non-existent, though his impact in 2013 will be negative whether he is with the Jets or not, due to the media fiasco that will accompany him as long as he rides the bench, perhaps with unanswered cries of his coming in to replace a struggling starter.

    The only way to avoid such a scenario is if Mark Sanchez or another quarterback has a solid 2013 season, but that scenario does not seem likely.

3. Who Will Be the Quarterback?

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    2012 was a season that quarterback Mark Sanchez will want to forget. 

    Sanchez's infamous butt-fumble against the New England Patriots summed up the Jets woeful season. 

    The Jets' quarterback has been questioned about whether he can actually lead the Jets as the franchise's quarterback. 

    To say 2012 was awful for Sanchez is an understatement.  He was 246 of 453 passing for only 2,883 yards with 13 touchdowns against 18 interceptions, 9 fumbles and all equating to a dismal 23.4 QBR.

    After that poor showing, Sanchez may have lost whatever confidence his composure he had, as he frankly showed that he does not have what it takes to be a starting quarterback.

    To make matters worse, the Jets are stuck with Sanchez due to the structure of his contract.

    Yet, the Jets have not found a viable option other than Sanchez.  McElroy is still young and David Garrard is still not officially signed.  Also, Garrard has been out of the league for a year and is 35, so how effective can he be? 

    Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News provides a good angle about the Jets quarterback situation for 2013, saying "If 35-year-old David Garrard is a viable alternative to beat out Mark Sanchez and be the Jets quarterback next season, so is Fireman Ed."

    It is another unfavorable scenario for the Jets. Even if they reach in the draft and select West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith, he will not be an immediate fix for the quarterback problem. Smith would become a long-term project.

    Whether Rex Ryan sticks with Sanchez for another year, opts for the veteran Garrard or throws in a rookie quarterback like Smith, the outlook does not look good for the Jets.  

    After the 2012 season, the Jets showed that they are far away from being able to compete with the New England Patriots in the AFC East.  Unfortunately, 2013's outlook is also bleak and the Jets will be no closer to contending in the division or the playoffs.