NFL: Too Much Power?

Taylor GramAnalyst IMarch 31, 2008

Now the power-craving NFL league officials are trying to permit how long a player's hair is! This is unbelievable beyond compare!

First, they say players can't celebrate in specific ways and times, which can be understandable because the league doesn't like that kind of persona following them around. But now they can regulete your hair length! When will the madness end!

Some players' hair signifies who they are. Troy Polamalu is always portrayed by his hair. You could not know his name, but be able to describe him as the "long frizzy hair guy" and people could automaticly know who your'e talking about.

And this whole ordeal was brought up because the Arizona Cardinals were penalized for pulling Polamalu's hair! The rule should be "Your hair, your friggin' problem dude".

Next the player's facial hair will be gone, no more "not shavin' 'till we win it all".

Sooner or later the NFL will have so many rules and restrictions that there won't be jersey designs, or patches and stickers on equipment to signafy a succes or memory.

It's out of hand, they need to be stopped!

"I think the only personal rules should be against steroids and/or your jailtime(Cincinatti Bengals!).

That's where it's turned on the players, the steroids. Steroid punishment should be very severe, three strikes and you're absolutely done! First strike, half the season, second and we'll see you next year pal!

If any point is made, it's that players should be able to look how ever they want to. No power craving official should be able to take that way.