7 Reasons That the Divas Division Should Not End

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 4, 2013

7 Reasons That the Divas Division Should Not End

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    Following Eve Torres' departure and Reby Sky's recent claims on Twitter that WWE is contacting modelling agencies to recruit its next batch of Divas, some may feel its finally time to put the company's struggling women's division out of its misery.

    However, such calls are surely premature.

    OK, many girls have left, and the Divas Championship, currently held by Kaitlyn, is as marginalized as ever, but there are still many good reasons for keeping the division around. 

    Here are seven...

7. WWE Needs It to Help Fill the Airtime

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    Let's look at the fact: Raw is now three hours long. The company has recently added new shows like Ion's Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam (on the CW Network) to the schedule. And it has also got Internet-only programmes Superstars and NXT to think of.

    Oh, and don't forget SmackDown.

    Wow. That's a ton of airtime to fill. And the Divas division has been a great help to the company when it comes to producing fresh matches and storylines for these shows.

    Considering this, it would be foolish to scrap the women's division. WWE needs all the wrestlers it can get right now.

6. Kharma Could Come Back

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    One reason to keep the Divas division around is because, while it may be dull to watch right now, you never know what could happen in the future. All it would take is for one top name to come back, and the whole thing could be turned around. 

    Interestingly, in a recent interview with Wrestling101.com, former Diva Kia "Kharma" Stevens revealed that the door is open for her to return to WWE some time down the road.

    Hey, she revamped the division once (her early 2011 stint); she could surely do it again. But there would have to be a division for her to come back to.

5. Natalya Is a Great Wrestler

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    Granted, she's been treated absolutely atrociously by WWE over the past years (a flatulence angle? Really? Who thought that was a good idea?). But third-generation Diva Natalya remains a terrific performer and easily one of the best female wrestlers the company has ever had.

    With a talent like her around, WWE would be foolish to jettison its women's division entirely.

4. Paige Could Be Getting Called Up Soon

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    NXT Diva Paige (aka Britani Knight) has been receiving acclaim from fans over the past year for her solid in-ring work, great mic skills and unconventional personality. She is arguably one of the biggest stars to emerge from WWE's developmental show.

    Interestingly, as WrestlingInc.com notes, Paige has worked main WWE house shows recently, indicating a call-up to Raw or SmackDown isn't too far off. Considering all she could offer the division, it would be a good idea not to scrap it...just yet.

3. Kaitlyn Has the Potential to Become a Star in the Division

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    OK, so her in-ring contributions have been very patchy thus far, but Divas champion Kaitlyn (aka Celeste Bonin) could be a star in WWE. She's got the looks, the charisma and the willingness to learn.

    At the very least, Vince McMahon should give her a chance to develop her wrestling skills and attempt to carry the division. If women's wrestling in the company gets scrapped now, her career will take a huge step backward. At this point, it would do her no good to be merely a valet.

2. The Girls Can Still Put on Great Matches

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    Hey, it's easy to forget that the WWE's women's division is filled with good wrestlers. Aside from the aforementioned Natalya, Layla El and Tamina Snuka have also proven themselves to be great in the ring. Alicia Fox, Naomi and Kaitlyn, while less consistent, have shown considerable potential, too.

    In fact, on the current roster, only Rosa Mendes and Aksana are truly beyond help (and WWE smartly made Mendes a valet).

    Contrary to popular belief, the girls in WWE can have fun matches. They just need the chance.

1. The Fans Want to See Women's Wrestling

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    The main reason to continue with the division is that WWE fans have shown a willingness to cheer (or boo) women wrestlers in the past.

    Look at how phenomenally over the top Lita and Trish Stratus were during their peaks. Years later, Kelly Kelly, Beth Phoenix and A.J. Lee also got over with the WWE Universe to a considerable degree.

    Wrestling fans aren't against women wrestling by any means, it just has to be done correctly, that's all. If WWE simply started investing more time and effort into their Divas division, things would surely be a lot better.