Antonio Cesaro Is in Danger of Becoming Just Another Guy

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMarch 4, 2013

photo credit: Anton Jackson,
photo credit: Anton Jackson,

Antonio Cesaro, the United States champion, is in danger of becoming just another guy.

Cesaro won the United States title at SummerSlam’s pre-show. He defeated Santino Marella and never looked back. Cesaro has held that title with an iron grip, defeating every challenger in his way.

There’s just one problem.

No one really seems to care.

What happened to Antonio Cesaro? Why does the United States champion no longer get a reaction?

A number of factors have led to Cesaro’s current predicament.

For starters, he hasn't been placed in any long feuds.

Cesaro began his title defenses with victories over Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel. He feuded with The Great Khali, which led to a victory over the giant at WWE’s Main Event.

His most established feud was with R-Truth, in a storyline that lasted two months and included back-to-back victories over the title challenger at Survivor Series and TLC.

Cesaro has put on quality matches with many WWE Superstars. He and Kofi Kingston put on a show on Raw. Cesaro also had great TV matches with Randy Orton. His current feud with The Miz is also producing good quality matches.

The problem lies with the WWE’s booking of Cesaro. With no firmly established feuds for the champion, the audience has lost interest in both Cesaro as a character and the United States title.

That cannot happen to a champion.

It seems the only viable outcome at this stage would be to drop the title to The Miz, but that would hurt Cesaro more than it would help him. Losing the title at this point, while ending his feud with The Miz, would destroy Cesaro’s momentum. That is a result of the WWE’s booking.

Here’s a champion who’s held his belt longer than any current titleholder. Cesaro has been the U.S. champion for seven months. However, in that time, the focus has been lost. No feuds and meaningless losses to Orton, Ryback and Sheamus have hurt Cesaro.

If Miz does take the U.S. title from Cesaro, he’ll get lost in the shuffle. It would be a disgrace, especially considering the ring work he’s put in as champion.

Blame the booking for Cesaro’s eventual downfall.