SEC Tournament 2013: Power Ranking Biggest Threats for March Madness Tourney

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIMarch 3, 2013

COLUMBIA, MO - FEBRUARY 19: Missouri Tigers fans try to distract a free throw by the Florida Gators during the game at Mizzou Arena on February 19, 2013 in Columbia, Missouri. Missouri upset Florida 63-60. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

March Madness is closing in with every passing night of basketball. In the SEC, several teams stand a chance of threatening in the tournament this season.

Whether they'll make it through to the final 64 of the tournament still remains to be seen, but at the moment, there's a number of threats from the SEC to watch out for.

Let's have a look at the biggest of those threats for the 2013 March Madness.


3. Ole Miss Rebels

The Rebels find themselves in the third spot here almost by default, given the fact that they're just the third-best team in the SEC. Alabama has hardly had a tough schedule all year and Ole Miss has shown they are more than capable of mixing it with the best on their day.

However, Ole Miss has dropped some disappointing games to weaker teams and hasn't had the year that they probably should have when considering their schedule.

Ole Miss will probably make the final 64 (even if it's just because of Marshall Henderson). When they do, expect them to be a much more disciplined and organized team there. They probably don't have the depth of talent to beat the good teams consistently, but they do have the potential to certainly cause some waves throughout the tournament.


2. Kentucky Wildcats

Nerlens Noel might be gone, but that's certainly no reason to rule out Kentucky. No, the outlook isn't great, but the Wildcats could find some momentum heading into March Madness and pick up a string of wins as a result.

After all, what better than a season-ending injury to inspire a team?

Kentucky could well finish with the No. 2 seed in the SEC depending on results falling their way. Given the strength of teams they'll have played in the last few weeks to get there, that achievement certainly shouldn't be taken lightly.

Noel is a big loss, but they've played some big teams without him and shown they are more than capable sticking it out with the best. If they can carry that through with them to March Madness, the Wildcats certainly have a good chance to threaten some big teams in the tournament.


1. Florida Gators

There can be no other team here as the No. 1 than Florida, which has shown to be just that one step better and more skilled than SEC opponents this year.

They haven't been beaten at home all season, with their 12-point win over Alabama arguably the closest they've come to a defeat given that they trailed by eight at one point. 

The Gators will enter March Madness full of confidence as a No. 1 seed and should perform like their ranking suggests. Their defense will suffocate opponents like usual and force them into bad shots—something that they'll likely take advantage of at the other end.

Florida won't have that bad game or poor showing to send them out of the tournament; they're too disciplined and organized for that to happen. 

Their elimination will have to come at the hands of a good team playing good basketball—meaning that they're likely to make a good run in March Madness.


How would your top three in the SEC Conference look at the moment?

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