Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres and the Craziest Haircuts in the UFC Today

Nick Caron@@nicholascaronAnalyst IMarch 3, 2013

Alex "Bruce Leeroy" Caceres and the Craziest Haircuts in the UFC Today

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    Saturday night's UFC on Fuel TV 8 from Japan will be remembered for many things, but one of them certainly has to be the continued impressive work of "Bruce Leeroy" Alex Caceres, who defeated Kyung Ho Kang in a preliminary bout. 

    Caceres brought his always entertaining style and overcame the wrestling of his opponent to earn a split decision. 

    As impressive as he was, however, Caceres might be remembered more for the outrageous afro he sports than he is for his in-cage work. The hairdo just works for Caceres, whose smiley personality only serves to making him even more likable.  

    "Bruce Leeroy" still has some work to do to polish his fighting game, especially in the area of defensive wrestling, but he certainly has the concept of fighter branding down at a young age.

    Caceres isn't the only fighter on the UFC roster who is known for his crazy style, however. Here are some others who know how to look good (or not so good) while fighting. 

Roy Nelson

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    Starting things off strong is Roy Nelson whose unique blend of mullet/curly-top/homeless beard makes him one of the most unique looking fighters in the sport.

    In addition to the hair, the giant beer belly that Nelson rubs like the "Dancing Baby" from Ally McBeal certainly helps add to the laughs. 

Dan Hardy

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    The exciting "stand and bang" style that Dan Hardy brings to his fights certainly is in line with his punk rocker-like, trademark red Mohawk. 

    Hardy's Mohawk isn't the first we've seen in the sport, but his might very well be the best. It starts off black at the base with a very tightly clipped skull to the sides, then explodes at the top in a loud, fiery red color. 

    What might be most impressive about Hardy's hair is the way that it stays intact before, during and after fights. 

Clay Guida

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    Some fighters try to create attention with their hair, but few have successfully distracted their opponents with it. That's exactly what Clay Guida did when he fought Gray Maynard at UFC on FX 4 this past June. 

    Maynard's camp complained that Guida's hair was too long and out-of-control, and it would potentially get in the way of the fight. They filed a complaint with the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, asking for Guida to braid his hair. 

    Guida ended up voluntarily braiding his hair for the fight to avoid any controversy, but it's still impressive that the hair was able to get into his opponent's head that much. 

Scott Jorgensen

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    Similar to Dan Hardy's haircut, but a little more "emo" than "punk rock" is Scott Jorgensen's red faux hawk . 

    Depending on the day and the way he styles it, Jorgensen's 'do almost makes him look like a rooster. 

    As his combination of tattoos and hair would make you believe, Jorgensen always seems to bring the excitement in his fights. He's won "Fight of the Night" in each of his past two UFC appearances. 

Chris Leben

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    Unlike the others on this list, Chris Leben's hair can change dramatically from one fight to another, but one thing is for sure—it's always, well, interesting.

    The most commonly used hair from Leben is probably the bright red buzz-cut that he's used since his days on The Ultimate Fighter. We've also seen him try out a black buzz-cut as well as cornrows, a goofy red-and-black spotted hairdo and this thing that looks like he allowed Edward Scissorhands to go to work on him. 

Josh Koscheck

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    It's been tightened up a bit more in his recent fights, but there was a time when it looked like Josh Koscheck was wearing a long-haired, blonde poodle on top his head. 

    It's still hard to know exactly what is going on with Koscheck's hair, and unfortunately, his fighting game seems to be suffering a similar fate. He's now lost two straight fights for the first time in his career, and some would also argue that he should have also lost his UFC 143 bout against Mike Pierce. 

Brian Ebersole

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    Brian Ebersole makes this list not for his head, but for his heart.

    Seriously, look at his chest. The man literally shaves his chest hair into an arrow that points up at his face. That is commitment! 

    As the hilarious video above shows, though, not everyone enjoys the arrow as much as Ebersole himself does. In fact, his wife convinced his training partners to hold him down while she went in to shave it down prior to a fight. 

    Still, Ebersole's well-manicured body hair secures him a spot at the top of any "crazy MMA hair" list.