AJ Lee: Did the WWE Just Forget About Her as a Wrestler?

David LevinSenior Writer IIMarch 2, 2013


This time last year, we watched as Daniel Bryan used an "unsuspecting" AJ Lee as part of his plot to not only keep the World Heavyweight title, but attempt to beat Sheamus at WrestleMania 28.

That lasted all of 18 seconds.

For the better part of the year (about 10 months of 2012), nothing was hotter (and better-looking) than AJ Lee. Embroiled in story plots with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena and now Dolph Ziggler, it seemed everyone's darling at the prom made her presence known in a big way last year.

This year is a different story.

A bad storyline, a miscast big man as an enforcer and a Money in the Bank contract-holder have left AJ Lee as something of a forgotten fixture in the WWE right now. Where is she going? What is she going to do? Did the WWE just give up on her?

The writers (I say that loosely) have forgotten her talent, the fact that she should be challenging for the Divas title and what she meant to the company last year.

Success should not have a shelf life. If that were the case, then John Cena, The Rock and Hulk Hogan would all have crumbled in time. AJ Lee should be part of, if not the centerpiece of, the Divas Division and fighting Tamina and Kaitlyn for supremacy.

I guess someone forgot AJ was a wrestler first and sideshow second. The act worked last year, but I thought it would be a springboard to bigger things. All we have really seen is regression. That does not help her in the grand scheme of things.

Where AJ Lee was a world of fire, her flame has since become a flicker and the program she is in makes no sense.

I sure hope the WWE knows what it is doing, but then again, this is the WWE. Everything except for The Rock/John Cena and Alberto Del Rio/Jack Swagger is a crapshoot.

The company should not gamble on its successes. AJ Lee is one of them. At present, it looks like the WWE has folded on one of its better commodities.

No one wins in that situation.