B/R Turns into the WWE: Chp. 1, The Rosters

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IApril 12, 2009

Welcome to my new fantasy series B/R Turns into the WWE. It'll be just like the WWE with all of the titles and all of the brands except the superstars are the B/R members we know and love.

Welcome to part one, assigning the rosters. Only the top 50 writers in the pro wrestling section will be assigned rosters, sorry to the rest. (Sorry the first chapter is kind of boring.) Also sorry if you are in the top 50 and not in here, but I already have a good idea of who's doing what.

Chapter 1: The Rosters

Monday Night Raw

Joe Burgett, Jason Le Blanc, Ron Johnson, Daris Brown, Celeste Winchester, Mina, Demetrus Stokes, Kevin Canny, Greg Bush, Jason Savage, Dozer, Paul Andriuskevicius, Anonymous guy, Jen Preston, Blue Chip, Ste Eccles, Garret Gonzales, Alberto Cortez, Chris Mueller, Svyato Rovenchuk(me, luckily I'm in top 50 so I can be in my own series), John Nason, Nathan Migeul.

Friday Night SmackDown

AkD, Shane Howard, Jev Thorpe, Ross Rutherford, Ray Bogusz, DJ Rallo, Tim List, Kumar, Sulayman Hussein, Michael Scanlon, Terrell Johnson, Kevin Williams, Sterling Eby, Christi Lott, Tyler Williams, Jay Rob The Legacy Kid(great name for the business).


Ryan Michael, M, Jabot Singleterry, Bryn Swartz, Doctor Death, Dub Sizzle, Lucas Berndt, Tony Arnoldine, Hector De Jesus, Rashad August, Clifford Yates, Josheph Daniel, Dan Telek. 

There, those are the rosters. Check it out and see where you are (if you are here).