Watch Kevin Durant Pull off Impossible Reverse Layup

Zach BuckleyNational NBA Featured ColumnistMarch 2, 2013

As if three consecutive scoring titles weren't convincing enough, Kevin Durant used the national spotlight of ESPN's Friday night broadcast to remind the basketball world just how unguardable he is.

In the midst of a trip to one of the most difficult venues in the game, Durant looked determined to lead his Oklahoma City Thunder to a statement victory over a Denver Nuggets club creeping up the Western Conference standings.

The super scorer drew the tough, athletic Wilson Chandler on the perimeter. The rest of the Thunder players quickly dispersed to the other side of the court, leaving Chandler on an island.

Durant waited for the floor to clear. Once he saw he had space, he set his sights on his defender. Chandler bared down, bracing for whatever it was that Durant had in mind.

A subtle fake to his right momentarily froze Chandler, and before the Nuggets forward could catch up, he was already on Durant's hip. 

Never one to waste a dribble, Durant needed just two bounces to get himself on the left end of the restricted area. He hadn't quite shaken Chandler, who remained glued to his side. And the athletic seven-footer JaVale McGee had made his way to the basket, ready to pin Durant's attempt off the left side of the glass.

Only Durant didn't attack there.

Instead, he used both a ball and a head fake on his way up to draw both Chandler and McGee airborne. Before the Nuggets defenders hit the floor, Durant was doing his best Dr. J impression, gliding across the basket and switching to his right hand for a sweet, high kiss off the glass.

Surely, there was no shame in McGee's game after the exchange.

It's not as if he's the first player duped by the best scorer in the game.