VKM: Inside the Mind of a Narcissist

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 12, 2009

Love him or hate him , you can not deny that his narcissism has created the greatest universe of entertainment.

Just like any narcissist Vince has to control everything around him.

There is no black no white, no this way or that way, only his way will work, and be accepted in to this strange paradox of eternal struggle for perfection.

And now let’s hear from Vince.

What are you looking at?

Is it not enough that I am bombarded with endless questions before each show; just to keep you all content?

Questions hammer at me before every show, are the acoustics good? Can every fan see the brilliantly prepared show from any seat? Is there a wrinkle somewhere in my suit?

It has to be perfect…nothing else will do. They all come to see the greatest show on earth and…oh how they criticize…they always criticize nothing is ever good enough for them…they place everything under their microscope of critic, searching or that one flaw… that one thread that will unravel this universe.

There is no flaw…they are the ones flawed not me.

Let them come for it is them not me that have suckled at the breast of the greatest show on this planet.

At my creation...yeah you heard me right…My creation. Mine, all mine.

How pathetic they all are how easy they are to mould.

With one gesture I can destroy their fragile reality that I formed and have nurtured for years…How they hunger for every morsel…every crumb that falls from my table.

I am the Supreme Creator…without me their miserable existence would be as dull as their life was before they found me.

Can’t you see? It’s me who controls what they watch…what they spend their money on…Who they worship…and what games they play…Me…Me...All…Me…and don’t you ever forget it.

I even control their emotions with my superior story-lines that tug at their hearts and the very essence of their being…at their humanity.

The fate of their champions are in my hands I can push them to become the greatest that they can be to build them up to make them Gods among men…and just as easily tear them down and destroy them.

It only takes two words to remove their favorite superstar forever.

Those words are “You’re…Fired.”

Look at me…worship me…love me…For I am the supreme creator.

And you may ask why do I all this?

Because I am a generous and kind creator, and because I can.

See you all at the next PPV.