NBA Photos That Definitely Shouldn't Go Up on Facebook

Bryant KnoxFeatured ColumnistMarch 2, 2013

NBA Photos That Definitely Shouldn't Go Up on Facebook

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    The NBA is a business, and there's no denying that players face scrutiny and stress on a daily basis. 

    However, through the advent of social media, we've begun to see the world's greatest athletes in a completely different light.

    Whether for better or for worse, the spotlight is always on when it comes to Facebook, Instagram and other social mediums. It's safe to say that some players have fallen victim to the Internet's most scandalous side, but others have been able to simply make us laugh.

    There's a lighter side to the NBA, and when it comes to social media, players are constantly finding new ways to connect with fans .

Chris Copeland

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    Every NBA rookie goes through hazing at some point in their first season. Very few, though, are forced to endure it at 28 years old, and that's exactly what happened to New York Knicks' forward Chris Copeland.

    Copeland, who is6'8" and 225 pounds, isn't well known by most casual fans. He's averaging just 6.5 points in 11.7 minutes, and he's yet to establish himself as an integral part of the Knicks' dynamic offense.

    He has the potential to crack a rotation, but at this point in the process, he's more well known for the unfortunate attire he was seen wearing early in the season.

    J.R. Smith—one year younger than Copeland—got the first-year player when he posted this picture on Instagram. The bright pink pajamas are one thing, but the compilation of hearts, teddy bears and cupid arrows is what really makes the outfit.

    It's no secret that NBA players have a unique idea of what constitutes fashion, but it's safe to say by the look on Copeland's face that he won't be donning this attire again if he has any say in the matter.

Kevin Love

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    Chris Copeland may have been on the wrong end of rookie hazing, but Kevin Love was smart enough to get his crew before they could get him.

    At the 2012 Olympics, Love, a first-time Olympian, added this picture to Instagram (via Scott Gleeson of USA TODAY) of his teammates sleeping on the plane. Very few images can portray athletes in a vulnerable light, but eyes shut and heads down might be the best way to do just that.

    But what Love should have known before he took this shot is that what goes around comes around when it comes to pranks in the NBA.

    Just two days after Love pulled his prank, Deron Williams exacted his revenge in the form of a payback picture on Twitter (via Chris Chase of Yahoo! Sports). Love struck first, but after posting the picture for the world to see, his teammates are the ones who got the last laugh.

LaMarcus Aldridge

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    LaMarcus Aldridge is known for his lethal jump shot, impressive leadership and a low-post game that is constantly improving.

    Unfortunately for the 6'11" forward, he's also known for his getup on 80s night, and if it weren't bad enough on the big screen at the Rose Garden, the 27-year-old chose to post this picture on Twitter for all his followers to see.

    Themed nights are great for fans. They help shed light on the fun that players have off the court, and when it came to 80s night in Portland, Aldridge wasn't the only one who posted his new look online.

    Meyers Leonard added his photo to Instagram, and Will Barton added an 80s photo of himself to Instagram as well. The team came together to please the crowd, and it's safe to say that Rip City has remained entertained through social media.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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    One of the best parts about Facebook, Twitter and social media in general is that we have the ability to see what the legends of our league are up to once their playing days have come to an end.

    Unfortunately for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, this picture on Twitter (via Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports) speaks more to some bizarre antics than his legendary NBA career.

    Like most of the photos on social media, this image shows the lighter side of the former athlete. It's great to hear how legends view today's game, but the formal television setting sometimes gets too stiff for young audiences.

    Abdul-Jabbar will always be remembered for his time in the Association, but seeing him become the tallest Darth Vader in Star Wars history (presumably) is fun whether you're a casual fan or avid watcher of the great big man.

Chris Bosh

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    Sometimes it seems as if the further we get into the future, the more NBA players want to bring back the classics. 

    It's no secret that throwbacks are in, and Chris Bosh took full advantage of that when it came to the Miami Heat's tribute uniforms.

    Not only is Bosh rocking the orange and pink stripe on the side of the jersey, but he's got the afro and the goatee to pull it all together. The big man gave us his classic stare down in the photo, and just as you might expect, he took it upon himself to share it with the world on Instagram (via

    Since arriving in Miami, Bosh has been far from shy when it comes to cameras. Every chance he gets, he photo bombs his teammates, and it's no surprise that he's up front and center when it comes to the team's old school photo shoot.

Miami Heat

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    Chris Bosh wasn't done posting to Instagram when he showed off his throwback style—not by a long shot.

    The Miami Heat put together their rendition of the Harlem Shake in February, and the only thing wrong with it was that it was just barely behind the times. Two weeks earlier and it would have been right up there with the best of them, but that didn't stop it from hitting the scene and entertaining fans all across the league.

    Just being on YouTube wasn't enough for Bosh. He took to Instagram (via WebStagram) and made sure that the world knew what the Heat had accomplished.

    Among the highlights is Bosh holding an old school boom box, LeBron James donning a king's attire and, of course, Mario Chalmers dressed up as none other than Super Mario.

    This photo is as ridiculous as it comes, but when it's all fun and no foul, ridiculous can be entertaining for years to come.