Michigan Football: 5 Reasons Denard Robinson Should Be on the Cover of NCAA 2014

Austin FoxCorrespondent IIMarch 4, 2013

Michigan Football: 5 Reasons Denard Robinson Should Be on the Cover of NCAA 2014

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    Denard Robinson has a chance to land on the cover of the ever popular NCAA football video game franchise cover. Would he be a good fit, though? I don't see why not.

    While some people around the country may disagree, I really can't think of any reason Robinson wouldn't be the ideal figure to represent the franchise.

    Here's a look at why Robinson deserves to be on the cover of college football's most coveted video game.

He Is the Best Running Quarterback of All Time

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    That feat in itself should be enough to land him on the cover. It's hard to deny that Robinson is the best running quarterback of all time, as he holds the career rushing record.

    He would probably have a few hundred more rushing yards if he wouldn't have gotten hurt midway through his senior season.

    Regardless, Robinson possessed elusiveness and athleticism that we haven't really seen from a quarterback in college football before.

    What's even more impressive is Robinson put up these numbers while playing only sparingly his freshman season. If he would have started that year, he would have shattered the records he currently holds.

The Michigan Brand

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    Michigan is a school which has colors and logo are recognized all across the country, and even outside the United States' borders.

    So why not brand your video game cover with a school everyone recognizes?

    Simply put, the University of Michigan attracts attention, bringing more recognition to the NCAA video game franchise.

    The franchise certainly isn't lacking in terms of popularity, but hosting a brand such as Michigan on the cover would do nothing but help.

Familiarity with Robinson

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    Anyone that has even remotely followed college football the past few years knows who Denard Robinson is.

    Whether it's his dreadlocks, untied shoes, or anything else (you name it), his face is recognized by fans everywhere.

    Placing a well-known, famous player on the cover of the game is important, as it would hopefully be someone everyone could relate to.

    Whether you're living on the east or west coast, north or south, Robinson is a player fans everywhere are going to recognize.

Role Model

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    Is there a better role model in the game of football right now than Denard Robinson? No, and I'm not exaggerating either.

    The way this young man handles himself both on and off the field is rarely seen nowadays. The way he treats the media and fans with nothing but respect and class is something that all players should take note of.

    Kids as young as seven or eight will probably be very interested in this game, and what better role model for them to follow than Robinson?

    He is a class act in every way imaginable and will hopefully have an impact on those who buy the game.

Why Not?

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    I'm dead serious when asking this question: Why not Denard Robinson? Is there a good reason he shouldn't be represented on the cover of this game?

    Some may say that his poor passing ability should be enough to keep him off, but that's not a strong enough argument.

    His terrific running and athletic ability combined with his personality and leadership skills is the absolute perfect combination this franchise is looking for.

    Having his likeness on the cover of this game would only bring more attention to the young man, something he has handled with nothing but class and respect so far in his career.