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Debate: Should Gregg Popovich Be the Next Coach for Team USA?

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Debate: Should Gregg Popovich Be the Next Coach for Team USA?
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Gregg Popovich and Doc Rivers are in consideration to be the next head coach for Team USA. Should Pop be given the honor over Doc?


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Why is this even a question? It should go to the man who has lead his team to the play offs since 1997, the man who's won 4 Championships, and the man...
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Hell ya he should be Team USA's head coach. He's brilliant as a coach, respected by most, and knows how to get the most out of a player. I live in the...
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Popovich is the best coach in the NBA. Brilliant basketball mind. Doc Rivers is amazing but Popovich is in his own realm coaching.
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Yes, why is this even a question! He's the best coach in the NBA and there is no question about it. As a Lakers fan I see coach Pop on the same level ...
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