Quadruple Kick Is 3 Kicks More Insane and 4 Times as Entertaining

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Add quadruple kick to the things I had no idea were so enjoyable to watch. 

You might see the word "quadruple" joined by "kick" and then spot the four targets lined up and think, this might be worth my time

It is. 

As with some of the more peculiar videos from the vast landscape of awesome that is the Internets, we don't have a ton of information to give you. 

I can tell you that this martial arts master can do roughly 3.5 more kicks than I can. If we are talking successful attempts, we can round that number up to 4. 

Come for the Matrix-like maneuver and stay for the giggle-inducing reference to Toy Story at the end. 

After some digging, we found this video off a thread on Reddit. So it seems this isn't the rarest move in all of martial arts, but that hardly takes away from the jaw dropping that took place when I saw it. 

Upon the 18th viewing of this particular kick, I still can't wrap my head around how he can continue spinning while getting more air. Then again, I can't wrap my head around how people actually enjoy jogging. 

Again, if anyone knows more about this particular video, or who our kicking wizard might be, please let us know below. 

Let's kick it on Twitter. 

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