Watch Bleacher Report Staff Members Compete in the Inaugural B/R Combine

Will LeivenbergFeatured ColumnistMarch 1, 2013

It never hurts to poke a little fun at yourself, especially when it's so easy with this crowd at Bleacher Report.

Don't get me wrong—this group is driven beyond belief by their passion for sports, news and imaginative storytelling.

That storytelling part was the impetus for this: the official Bleacher Report Combine. You see, it's all too commonplace—but makes for incredible humor in our San Francisco HQ—when B/R folks babble on about how they could outrun Tom Brady and his "awful" 5.2 in the 40-yard dash, or hit Mariano Rivera in the ninth, or take LeBron James to the hole in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

It's confidence—just completely misdirected and unrealistic confidence.

So we put these loud-mouthed egos to the test and hope you enjoy the video above. We sure did.

If sports are your passion and you're driven to succeed—and you're far too confident in your clearly depleted athletic abilities—Bleacher Report has a home for you.