NFL Schedule: Roger Goodell Sets the Tone for the Oakland Raiders

Ryan SCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2008

Mark this one day down in History. The league is NOT against the Oakland Raiders.

I would have had this article up earlier, but I was trying to catch my breath—it was announced today that the Raiders will host the Broncos on the second leg of the first Monday Night Football action of the season.

This will be one of the most important games in Raiders history. Roger Goodell is letting us decide our future here. Everywhere you look, there's non-stop news about the Raiders. Whether it be criticism or praise, the Raider Nation, is the talk of the nation.

Ever since we got our Silver and Black helmets dented in the Super Bowl, the league has given us some really rugged opening games:

Last year, we were at home versus the Lions. I thought they initially made a mistake, but they actually gave us a game we could win. Then I looked at the last four games of the season:

Enough said.

This year though, our schedule is looking favorable, regardless who the last four games of the season are against. But, the opening game of the season for us this time, means a lot for the Raider Nation. With JaMarcus holding out last year for the first game, the Lions didn't really give us that fire that we needed to come out with.

Now, we know this game is against one of our most hated rivals and I've truly got to believe Al lobbied for this.

The wily owner is playing poker with the additions of many talented players and it has Al putting his money, and essentially his Raider life "all in". Winning cures everything.

So, why is this one initial game so important you ask? Well, what's the best way for a young team to win? The answer is easy: CONFIDENCE. A victory over a hated rival for the entire world to see would definately help that factor out.