Juan Manuel Marquez Could Unseat Chavez Sr. as Highest-Paid Mexican Boxer

Leo ReyesAnalyst IMarch 1, 2013

Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez
Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel MarquezAl Bello/Getty Images

Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez has what it takes to break the record of his fellow Mexican, legendary boxer Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., as the highest-paid boxer in Mexican history.

Chavez made a record-breaking paycheck of more than $9 million when he fought Oscar de la Hoya in 1996 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Marquez could break that record if he agrees to face eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao for a fifth time for a guaranteed prize of no less than $10 million. No other boxer in his class can offer him this record-breaking prize.

There is a likelihood that Marquez will get even higher than $10 million in guaranteed prize money if Pacquiao's promoter, Bob Arum, can convince the Filipino boxing star to accept a reasonable pay cut, considering his stunning loss to Marquez last Dec. 8. According to Philstar.com, a Mexican newspaper has reported this week that Marquez wants $20 million for a fifth showdown with Pacquaio.

It's hard to believe Marquez would be asking for $20 million, though, considering that he only got $6 million when he fought Pacquiao last December. But in fairness to Marquez, the report has not been confirmed by Arum, who has only pushed the conversation that way in general terms.

“He won the last time so he is entitled to get more,” said the Top Rank big boss, stressing that Marquez is amenable to go straight to a fifth clash with Pacquiao on Sept. 14, according to mb.co.ph.

Arum has been chasing Marquez in the past weeks, and a meeting was set in Las Vegas last week primarily to discuss the issues surrounding a fifth fight with Pacquiao in September.

Marquez failed to show up in the meeting, saying he was busy, but on Thursday Marquez and promoter Fernando Beltran finally met with Arum in Mexico.

It appears that the fight, tentatively set for September 14, won't be happening in Las Vegas. Arum has stated earlier that for tax purposes the fight may be held outside the U.S.possibly in Macau, where Top Rank is holding an HBO-televised event on April 6, featuring popular Chinese boxer and two-time Olympic Gold medalist Zou Shiming (professional debut) vs. Eleazar Valenzuela (2-1-2, 1 KO) of Gusave, Sinaloa, México.

Early this year, Marquez's Mexican promoter Fernando Beltran said that he and Marquez know Pacquiao gave them an opportunity before and there is no reason why they won't return the favor this time.

From all indications, it is almost certain that Marquez will agree to face Pacquiao for a fifth time. When he finally does, Marquez will emerge as Mexico's highest-paid boxer in history.