NFL Trade Speculation: Why the 49ers Should Value Harvin Over Revis

Chris SchadContributor IIIFebruary 28, 2013

SEATTLE, WA - NOVEMBER 04: Percy Harvin #12 of the Minnesota Vikings returns a kick during a game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on November 4, 2012 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)
Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

On Wednesday afternoon, one of the most expected moves of the NFL offseason happened when the San Francisco 49ers traded Alex Smith to the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the deal, the Chiefs received the quarterback they desperately needed while the 49ers received the 34th overall pick in the 2013 draft as well as a conditional mid-round pick in 2014.

Those two picks raised San Francisco's number of draft picks to a mind-blowing 15.

If the 49ers were a team in rebuilding, keeping those picks makes sense. However, this was a team that has contended for the Lombardi Trophy in each of the past two seasons but fell short.

That logic would sense that a deal is coming, and many feel that the 49ers top target is New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Revis would provide the Niners' third-ranked defense with another weapon that already includes Patrick Willis, Aldon Smtih and NaVorro Bowman.

To add to an already stout defense seems like a solid idea, but San Francisco's defense was not the reason why they lost to the Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII.

The cause for the 49ers' demise was the lack of weapons on offense. Outside of a solid rushing attack and Michael Crabtree, there was nothing to exploit the Ravens defense en route to a second straight heartbreaking postseason loss.

That's why Percy Harvin should be valued more than Revis.

Trade rumors have swirled around the four-year veteran as he butts heads with Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frasier and demands a lucrative contract extension.

There have been conflicting reports on whether the Vikings are willing to part with the mercurial receiver, but with the ammunition the 49ers have, it's worth a shot.

Adding Harvin would take this offense to the next level as Colin Kaepernick would have a security blanket that would prove more effective than Vernon Davis was in 2012, while also freeing up Crabtree outside the numbers.

There is the issue of Harvin's behavior against the Vikings' staff, but Jim Harbaugh has dealt with several volatile players and situations in his first two years as a head coach. That will ensure that the only problems that will come with Harvin are how opposing defenses are going to cover him.

A 26-year-old wide receiver with baggage is a safer bet than a 28-year-old cornerback coming off of reconstructive knee surgery as well.

With the Niners' stash of draft picks, it will present an attractive package for the Vikings who may be inclined to pull the trigger on a deal.

It's something that will benefit San Francisco more than the short-term boost of acquiring Revis, who also wants a major pay raise.

A trade for Harvin makes more sense if the Niners want to build a dynasty.