TNA Impact! Wrestling Recap: Sting and Devon Announce Their Teams at Lockdown

Daniel PeragineSenior Analyst IIMarch 16, 2017

After previously airing four episodes from its United Kingdom tour, Impact! Wrestling returned to Orlando, Florida. The show opened with a video package recapping last week's episode.

Bully Ray, who appeared in frustration, stormed to the ring. Ray began to taunt Devon, telling him it's payback time. He introduced the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy to the ring. Ray told Hardy he never thought that both of them would battle for the World Heavyweight title. He begins to backtrack, telling Hardy he may not be the right person to face him for the belt at the Lockdown pay-per-view.

As Hardy offered Ray a handshake, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels interrupted by walking towards the ring. Kazarian told Ray he should not be the No. 1 contender for the title. As Daniels gained control of the microphone, Ray and Hardy attacked them inside the ring. After Daniels and Kazarian exited the ring, Ray demanded a tag team match for the main event on Impact! Wrestling.


Match No. 1: Tara vs. Velvet Sky for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Your winner via pin fall to retain the TNA Knockouts title: Velvet Sky. A quick opening battle that could have lasted longer for a championship match. However, Jesse getting kicked out from ringside caused a distraction on Tara, which allowed Sky to nail the victory.

Match Rating: 2.5/5.


Match No. 2: Austin Aries vs. Hernandez

Your winner via pin fall: Austin Aries. Aries stole the victory late in the match by using a chain to his advantage against Hernandez. There was nothing spectacular about this match, but it was decent enough to watch fully.

Match Rating: 3/5.


Match No. 3: Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam for the X-Division Championship

Your winner via pin fall to capture the TNA X-Division title: Kenny King. TNA finally decided to pull the plug on Van Dam by handing over the title to King. Allowing King to capture the belt helps create new life and identity to the X-Division, despite Van Dam's star power.

Match Rating: 3/5.


Aces and Eights, led by Devon, came out to the ring. Devon spoke first, telling TNA that they will dominate the company. He goes on to introduce the rest of the Aces and Eights team at Lockdown, which included himself, Mr. Anderson, Mike Knox, Doc, and Garett Bischoff.

However, Sting makes his way forward to the entrance way. Sting introduces Team TNA to battle against Aces and Eights, which consists of himself, Samoa Joe, James Storm, Magnus, and Eric Young. After Sting finished speaking, Team TNA headed towards the ring, quickly forcing Aces and Eights to retreat.


Match No. 4: Ivelisse Felez vs. Lei'D Tapa in a TNA Gut Check contest 

Your winner via submission: Ivelisse Felez. TNA could really help expand the Knockouts division by awarding both Felez and Tapa a chance to compete on the roster. However, Felez appears to be the star choice to join the TNA roster.

Match Rating: 3/5.


A video package aired providing an update on AJ Styles, who appeared with a new look. Styles quickly stormed out of his own house after TNA filmed his friend talking about his recent actions.

Robbie E, who was in the ring after the video package on Styles, invited Robbie T to join him. After setting aside their differences, Robbie E allowed Robbie T to dance in the ring. However, Robbie E slid back into the ring and slammed a picture frame over Robbie T's head.


Match No. 5: Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vs. Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy

Your winners via pin fall: Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy. A solid main-event tag team match, as Ray and Hardy connected well as partners. The match itself was entertaining with an exciting ending.

Match Rating: 3.5/5. 


Backstage, Kurt Angle began to brawl with members of Aces and Eights inside their clubhouse. While in control, Angle took off a member's mask, whose face was not shown on camera. Angle, in disbelief, was attacked by more members of the faction as Impact! Wrestling faded to black.