Ranking the Top 5 Philadelphia 76ers Games to Watch in March

Jeff Glauser@Jeff_GlauserContributor IIMarch 1, 2013

Ranking the Top 5 Philadelphia 76ers Games to Watch in March

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    This March: Coming soon to a venue near you! See a cast of characters on a journey to find a heart, a brain...even courage!

    That's right: Come see the Philadelphia 76ers! (I mean, someone has to, right?)

    After their most recent debacle against the Orlando Magic, resulting in coach Doug Collins' latest meltdown, not even a great and powerful wizard could provide what this team is lacking.

    Therefore, choosing the best games to tune into for the Sixers at this juncture may be like identifying a must-see performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger: You don't watch the movies for his acting prowess; you watch because you're a fan.

    Same applies here: We'll watch because we're fans. Depressed, disenfranchised fans.

    The following five will give us at least something to look forward to. Or perhaps we can just click our heals three times and find ourselves back in the Eastern Conference Semifinals...

March 3: At Washington Wizards

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    Now, why on earth would anyone outside of the players' friends and family want to watch two of the worst teams in the NBA battle it out?

    How about to see a long-awaited win! And not just any win—a win on the road!

    To provide some perspective, the Sixers have lost their last nine away from home and only have one road victory in 2013: New Year's Day against the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Prediction: Sixers 92, Wizards 87

March 5: Boston Celtics

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    After watching a Washington win, keep your TVs turned in two days later against the Boston Celtics.

    The Sixers are actually leading the season series against the C's, 2-1. And dating back to last season, including their entertaining playoff matchup, Philly holds a 7-6 edge.

    In other words, it may be safe to throw the records out the window and expect a hard-fought divisional battle between these two classic rivals.

    Prediction: Celtics 98, Sixers 92

March 10: At Orlando Magic

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    One simple reason to view this one against the Orlando Magic: Revenge.

    On Feb. 26, the Sixers had arguably its worst performance in a season full of stinkers, one which led Collins to questions his players' effort during the postgame conference.

    The extra kick in the jewels may have been that Nik Vucevic (19 rebounds) and Moe Harkless (10 points)—two of the three parts Philly parted with to acquire the still-dormant Andrew Bynum in the offseason—both started and turned in quality performances.

    If they want any type of buy-in from its fans (what's left of them) for the remainder of the year, this is where they can make a statement.

    Prediction: Sixers 104, Magic 89

March 20: At Los Angeles Clippers

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    Wait—do the Sixers actually have a chance against the high-flying, championship-contending Los Angeles Clippers?

    Nah, probably not.

    However, the last time they faced the Clips on Feb. 11, it was an outing full of lackadaisical efforts—as well as a few posterizing moments at the hands of Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and friends. Eventually, like the Russian crowd in Rocky IV, the Philly fans began to simply cheer for L.A. and its entertaining acrobatics.

    Most likely, there will be even more cheers this time around.

    Prediction: Clippers 106, Sixers 88.

March 27: Milwaukee Bucks

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    Winless against the Milwaukee Bucks in two outings so far this season—including a heartbreaking 94-92 loss on Feb. 13 just before the All-Star break—this is also the team directly above the Sixers in the playoff standings.

    Yes, the gap between the two gets wider by the day but, by this point in the month, perhaps Philly gets it together. Perhaps Bynum makes his long-awaited return. Perhaps this game might actually mean something.

    Then again, perhaps none of that occurs and the 76ers are simply playing out the string by that time. You'll have to tune in to find out.

    Because that's how much you care.

    Prediction: Sixers 99, Bucks 91