Comcast To Offer MLB Extra Innings in HD

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IMarch 31, 2008

Great news for fans who love baseball in crisp, clear High Definition.

There was confusion because at first the cable giant had announced that the MLB Extra Innings package would only be available in relatively drab standard-definition format.

Cable viewers can watch Extra Innings games by ordering the package through their cable operator for a one-time rate of slightly less than $200. Time Warner and Cox have also said they will offer both SD and HD games, with the latter saying the high-def games will be available in San Diego and Rhode Island.Cablevision has refused to comment whether they will provide the HD games while Charter Communications has failed to respond to several inquiries from

“DIRECTV is offering up to 40 Extra Innings games a week in HD, although the high-def coverage will cost an additional $50 over the standard SD package of $179.

Dish Network did not carry the pay package last year and has not announced that it will do so this year, either.”