Dennis Rodman Finds BFF and 'Friend for Life' in North Korea's Kim Jong Un

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 28, 2013

Photo Credit: The Telegraph Pictured: Dennis Rodman shaking hands with Son, Vice Chairman of North Korea's Olympic Committe
Photo Credit: The Telegraph Pictured: Dennis Rodman shaking hands with Son, Vice Chairman of North Korea's Olympic Committe

A volatile situation received an unlikely diplomat as the NBA's craziest character in Dennis Rodman found a friend for life in North Korea's Kim Jong Un. 

ESPN reports the 51-year-old former NBA star is serving as the emissary of goodwill in a trip that also features the Harlem Globetrotters. 

Rodman went so far as telling Kim Jong Un, "you have a friend for life."

Leave it to The Worm to fully embrace a man the rest of the world is currently keeping at arm's distance. 

The man who provided as many wild and crazy stories as he did rebounds during his prolific career is currently kicking up his feet in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. 

You only need to remember the off-kilter character that is Rodman to fully understand his trip to the same country getting vilified for their nuclear tests, one that took place earlier this month

The isolated country continues to blame the United States for forcing their hand, via The NY Times, but their leader seems content to welcome one of their most recognizable sports stars. 

Now, while the usual yelling and passionate debate over sports flotsam seen on First Take isn't my favored choice of discourse, I have to agree with Stephen A. Smith here. 

Sounds like Rodman is a contrarian to me. 

Shame on me for being shocked, because he has been out of the spotlight for so long I nearly forgot every story involving The Worm is supposed to be met with incredulity. The phrase "and I don't believe it" should serve as the punctuation to everything he does. 

As ESPN notes, Rodman came into Pyongyang with, "Harlem Globetrotters basketball team, VICE correspondent Ryan Duffy and a VICE production crew to shoot a documentary for a new HBO TV series."

The five-time NBA champion sat with Kim and had a pleasant chat while the two watched Americans and Koreans play some basketball on mixed teams. 

I imagine it was a scene not unlike two old friends taking in a friendly hoops game at the local park.

Instead, it was one world leader who was kind enough to give his citizens a list of acceptable hairstyles recently and the most enigmatic basketball player of all time taking in a game behind the shrouded curtain of North Korea's border. 

Rodman then addressed tens of thousands to reiterate Kim had a "friend for life."

And then they all got drunk. 

The leader later plied the group with liquor, according to VICE TV producer Jason Mojica. 

"Um ... so Kim Jong Un just got the (hash)VICEonHBO crew wasted ... no really, that happened," Mojica wrote on his Twitter feed from Pyongyang.

There may be stranger things than getting hammered with the powerful leader of the world's most reclusive country, but I can't think of any at the moment. 

And as if the story couldn't get any more crazy, Gawker recently posted this picture of Kim Jong Un's younger brother, Kim Jong-Chul, posing triumphantly while rocking a Dennis Rodman jersey in a dated photo. 

Kim was later invited to the U.S. by his guests to which he laughed, and so we do the same. That doesn't seem like something that will ever happen. 

Then again, I never thought I would sit down and write about Dennis Rodman traveling the globe to try his hand at diplomacy with Kim Jong Un. 

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