25 Fans Who Love Sports Too Much

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterFebruary 28, 2013

25 Fans Who Love Sports Too Much

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    Being a sports fan isn't easy. The love, passion and commitment you invest in your favorite teams isn't always reciprocated. And like any turbulent relationship, you can't seem to walk away...even if you know it's for the best.

    While most fans can keep their emotions (and bodies) under control after a heartbreaking loss, there are some people who staple their heart and soul to the box score of each game.

    You probably know someone in your life who suffers from this seasonal melancholy—a devastating turnover sparks an outburst of obscenities and finger-pointing. Or perhaps they react more subtly, and creepily—as time runs out and the victory slips away, they quietly seethe with anger.

    And when the outcome is good? "Drinks are on me!"

    Sure we've all had our moments, but not often to the degree that it's YouTube-worthy. From crowded stadiums to quiet living rooms, plenty of borderline-psychotic sports fans—young and old—have inadvertently entertained us with amazing diatribes, drunken buffoonery and tearful pleas.

    These are 25 fans who love sports too much.

25. Belligerent Caps Fan

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    It's always tough when your team blows a lead and loses a game in overtime—particularly in the playoffs. But the overwhelming majority of fans have learned to take it on the chin and exit the arena with a little bit of dignity.

    Which would put this angry Capitals fan in the underwhelming minority of fans, I suppose. TSN cameras caught him being belligerent after the Caps lost to the Canadiens in April 2010.

    Aside from swearing and looking like he's going to start a fight at the Chinatown Metro, he also pulls a Randy Moss at the end. 

24. Patriots Devastation

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    Someone get the Patriots another Super Bowl—stat! Apparently three championships and five trips to the big game in the last decade just aren't enough. 

    Although, having been a fan on the losing end of a recent Super Bowl, I can say with certainty that nothing about it feels winning. Sure, it sucks—nobody likes to lose. 

    But having a breakdown intense enough to make your dog worry about you? That should really be saved for more significant, more personal events.

    Remember how Rob Gronkowski handled losing the game? That girl should let Gronk be her guide. #SorryForPartying

23. Nacho Chucking Raiders Fan

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    You'll have to excuse the poor video quality—it's one of those terrible videos of someone recording a television. Normally I'm completely opposed to those, but in this case I definitely condone the efforts of the uploader.

    The cameras happened to catch a very displeased Raiders fan in the wake of a loss to the Chargers. Initially he just throws his beverage onto the field. Then he goes whole hog and chucks a pretty full dish of (what look to be) nachos.

    It's hilarious…but it's never easy to watch someone waste perfectly good nachos. 

22. The Angriest Mizzou Fan

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    How do you recognize the most serious sports fan in any room? It's almost always the person standing closest to the television. Anyone who hovers within six to 12 inches of the screen usually takes sports a little too seriously. 

    This Mizzou fan (who may or may not be named "Gid") definitely falls into that category. 

    The fact that he's wearing sweatpants and no shirt really add to the spectacle when he screams "YOU IDIOT" at the the people in the magical picture box. Then he angrily addresses the fact that he's being filmed. 

21. Clemson Crybaby

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    "He's gonna be famous. You should put it on YouTube."

    ESPN analyst Jesse Palmer said that amidst mocking this devastated Clemson fan during a live national broadcast of the game. His comments weren't part of the live broadcast, but rather the gleeful background noise that made it very difficult for Chris Fowler not to join in the fun. 

    You'd think from this kid's ridiculous dramatic reaction that this was a late-season loss for the Tigers, following months of gut-wrenching devastation. But the 2009 loss to Georgia Tech came less than two weeks into September. Good lord, kid. 

    Imagine how he reacted when South Carolina beat Clemson for the fourth consecutive year in 2012. 

20. Jags Biggest Fan Is Kind of a Jag

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    This is exactly the guy you don't want to be stuck sitting next to at a game. Yet a part of me, the greater part of me, is actually just really happy the Jaguars have at least one fan like this guy. 

    • Is he deranged? Yes. 
    • Is he ridiculously loud? Of course. 
    • Should he be wearing a shirt? Absolutely. 
    • Does he like the Jags way too much? Without question. 

    But every team needs fans like this. And the Jags need as many of them as they can get. 

19. Such an Angry Little Devil

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    I always admire insanely devoted little kid sports fans—I didn't get into sports (hockey, to be specific) until I was about 10 or 11, several years later for football. 

    But as much as I respect these dedicated kids, I can't help but think they've taken on the burden of sports devastation just a little too early in life. Those carefree days of early childhood should be cherished and preserved for as long as possible by parents. 

    This kid has the rest of his life to be miserable. He shouldn't be burdened by the Devils' failure just yet. 

18. The Brewers Loudest Fan

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    This is just not the kind of behavior I expect at a baseball game. Even for an important game in late September, this level of enthusiasm is almost impossible to maintain over nine full innings. 

    Almost impossible. According to the uploader, the guy in the RUN DMC shirt cheered himself silly at a Brewers game in September 2010, leading the crowd in chants throughout the the entire game. 

    I really hope the Brewers won the game. And I really hope I never get stuck sitting next to this guy anywhere. 

17. Bears Fan Has to Watch Games Outside

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    This video was actually uploaded in October 2008 when, admittedly, Bears fans had a lot of stuff to be angry about. That just means they should be better at dealing with disappointment though! 

    The fact that this guy is forced to watch television outside suggests that blowing his top in a fit of football rage is likely a regular occurrence. And I don't know what's going on with the reception, but that can't be helping his state of mind. 

    What's great is that weird finger thing he's doing in hopes it may impact the game in some kind of positive way. Hey—it's only weird if it doesn't work. Am I right, Bud Light?

16. Tim Tebow Superfan Dresses in Unitard, Rips off Chuck Norris Facts

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    Thankfully this video is four years old, otherwise this disturbing level of dedication to (former) Florida quarterback Tim Tebow would be…well…even more disturbing. The fact that it exists at all is a little unsettling. 

    Tebow was certainly a golden god in Gainesville, but even his fiercest superfans found better things to do with their precious college years than this guy. 

    First of all, he invested in a unitard that looks more Dolphins than Gators. He spent time modifying a bunch of Chuck Norris facts, replacing "Chuck Norris" with "Tim Tebow." He filmed it. And he thought enough of the finished product to upload it to YouTube. 

    I'd hate to see any videos that weren't good enough to make the cut. Although, something tells me his screening process isn't too stringent. 

15. Meanest Cheesehead in Wisconsin

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    All of that stuff about the midwest being a friendly place? Well, none of it applies when the Packers are "getting screwed by the refs."

    Normally I'm a little skeptical of such claims, but apparently this game was one week after the infamous replacement refs debacle that cost the Packers a win.

    Whether or not the refs were screwing them in this game, fans had a right to be suspicious. That being said, there was at least one Packers fan who was just a little too angry at this game in October 2012.

    Apparently he mistook the guy recording him for a Saints fan, and he was none too happy about it. 

14. Another Mild Mannered Phillies Fan

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    When the Phillies beat the Giants in Game 5 of the 2010 NLCS, fans celebrated in that special way that only Philadelphia can: with uncorked belligerence and a side of unintelligible screaming. 

    Local news stations should really know better than interviewing fans on live television. But this guy actually didn't slug anyone or say the F-word—although someone off camera shouted it—so it's probably a pretty big win for the reporter.  

    I think that fan might be stoked...but it's hard to tell. 

13. Canucks Fans: Let's Burn This Mother to the Ground

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    During the recent NHL lockout the Montreal Gazette released the results of a poll that suggested 58 percent of Canadians didn't care whether or not an agreement was struck in the labor dispute. 

    Hard to believe that poll was conducted in the very same country in which this video was filmed. After the Canucks lost to the Bruins in seven games during the 2011 playoffs, Vancouver briefly descended into chaos. 

    If your first reaction to losing a hockey game (even a big hockey game) is to fight, loot or set a fire—you're probably taking it a little too seriously. 

12. Shirtless Giants Fan Celebrates with Some Skin and Some Screaming

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    Winning the Super Bowl is a big deal. A very big deal. 

    But it's slightly less of a big deal than this dude thinks it is. 

    All of his friends and family are understandably excited and celebrating together. They're shouting. They're high-fiving. They're dancing merrily about.

    There's only one guy with the high-pitched shriek of a Justin Bieber fan. And it just so happens to be the same guy who rips his shirt off in celebration. Too much...it's just too much. 

11. Dude Is Doing It for the Dawgs

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    Goodness gracious. Georgia fans are well known to be on the unpleasant side of fanatical, although this guy definitely takes it to a whole new level. Full body paint alone is enough to indicate someone takes sports a little too seriously. 

    But there may be nobody in the entire world that takes anything more seriously than this dude takes UGA football. The reporter accurate introduces him as "a crazy Georgia fan," which is probably printed on his business cards. He doesn't even make any sense. 

    He doesn't answer any of her questions. And he can't even come up with anything to say about the actual game, other than the fact that Steve Spurrier's visor is "gonna come straight off during the kickoff." 

    Uh, okay. 

10. This Kid Hates Tom Brady

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    Poor little Christopher. He hasn't developed the coping skills necessary to deal with the second-half heroics of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. And with a dad like that egging him on, who knows if he ever will. 

    If only this little Eagles fan knew the whole championship-less history of his beloved team, he'd know that he has a lot more to cry about than Tom Brady.

9. AC Milan Angry Arsonists

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    According to the uploader, this video was taken at a game AC Milan lost in December 2003. The loss ended an extended unbeaten streak, but it was their only loss of the entire season. 

    Nobody ever celebrates a loss, but a one-loss season is generally considered an achievement. In Italy it's an achievement best recognized by setting a sizable chunk of the upper deck ablaze in the south end of the stadium. 

    Milan fans need a lesson in the concept of proportional response. 

8. That Bulldog Is Rabid

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    With a national title usually on the line, emotions on both sides are always going to be running high during the SEC championship.

    Although, since Alabama wins most years and Georgia loses most years, 'Bama fans seem to have a substantial edge in the personal composure department. At least that's the impression that I've taken away after seeing this video from December 2012.

    An unsuspecting Tide fan was just minding his own business outside the Georgia Dome when he was aggressively accosted by a barking UGA fan, who has absolutely no respect for the personal space of strangers.

    That rabid Dawg is just lucky she didn't grab me by the neck and bark in my face. I have a short fuse and a very low tolerance for strangers screaming in my face. 

7. Habs Fan Wants EVERYONE Fired

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    Fans of the Canadiens take their hockey pretty seriously. Montreal is one of a handful of North American cities where fire is appropriate for every sports occasion. 

    Luckily this caller to a Montreal radio station in 2010 decided to use his words to vent his frustration, rather than a gas can and a box of matches.

    Following a Game 4 loss to the Capitals in the playoffs, "Angry Fran Sal" left this amazing message on a fan phone line for a local sports radio show. 

    His overarching theme? I WANT THEM FIRED. 

    The coach, the assistant coaches, equipment managers…general managers…players…upper management…friends of coaches and upper management…pretty much everyone…fired...

    At least he kept his cool while delivering that important message. Not. He might be the angriest man in all of Canada. 

6. The Saddest Packers Fan...Ever

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    "Sad Packers Fan" chronicles the devastation of Casey—the Packers fan—after Green Bay's playoff loss to the Giants in January 2012. The video went viral almost instantly and was even featured on The Ellen Show three days after being uploaded. 

    Casey's hilariously dramatic, yet admirably authentic sobbing makes me pretty happy. Only because a year earlier, that teary eyed face was mine—only it was the Packers who beat my Steelers in the Super Bowl.

    So let's just call it even. 

5. Hockey Fan Finds His Way to the Ice, Accosts Player

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    There have been lots of instances of fans at NHL games provoking players on the bench and in the penalty box from the stands. Usually they get away with it. Sometimes they really don't

    But they rarely take it directly to the players themselves. The logistics of a hockey rink generally prevent fans from pulling the field crashing stuff you see at baseball games. 

    That and the fact that hockey players are known to be brawlers you probably don't want to tango with. But this unhinged lunatic took his crazy to the ice at a junior league game in 2011. 

    If storming the ice sounds like a good idea—you're probably too invested in the game. That little twerp is so lucky the referees didn't decide to just let him fight it out with the player that attracted his ire. 

4. Bronco Melodrama in the Mile High City

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    That Ravens overtime playoff victory against the Broncos in January 2013 was pretty dramatic. In fact, it might have been the most exciting football game I've ever seen—which is not something a Steelers fan wants to admit. 

    I can't really blame the hometown fans for being devastated, especially since they were Super  Bowl favorites entering the playoffs. But there's a difference between being devastated and just being a baby. 

    The intensity of the sobbing and screaming this girl is doing would be understandable if she were watching the nuclear devastation of Denver after being captured and held hostage in a prison. It's a little much for a Broncos game.  

3. 'Bama Fan Dislikes Auburn, HATES Tennessee

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    This Alabama fan is actually very composed when discussing SEC rival Tennessee. Especially considering he hates anything and everything associated with the school, and probably the state itself.

    Reasons he hates Tennessee: 

    • First of all, it's Tennessee. 
    • They're lowdown. 
    • They're dirty.
    • They're snitches. 
    • Phillip Fulmer.
    • Their colors—throw-up orange…like puke inside a pumpkin.
    • He's not a dog person.
    • Neyland Stadium looks like a garbage truck worker convention.
    • All their quarterbacks. 
    • They're sore losers.

    This guy may take 'Bama football a little too seriously, but you just can't argue with the truth. When you're right, you're right. 

2. Texas Justice for Romo Jersey

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    Everything is bigger in Texas. Especially rage. 

    You can't really blame this guy for being disappointed with the Cowboys season and the loss to the Redskins that kept them out of the playoffs in January 2013.

    On the other hand, it was the most promising showing out of Dallas in years.But there's at least one Cowboys fan who is not trying to hear that kind of logic. 

    This guy decided that Tony Romo "can't play worth a damn," leaving him only one option—taping his jersey to a washing machine, dragging it out into a field, and using some sort of firearm to blow the whole damn thing to kingdom come. 

1. Cry Us a River, Sad Little Cardinals Fan

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    As much respect as I have for little kid sports fans, I have equal part disdain. And it's not because I'm an evil jag who hates the sound of children's laughter. It's because of kids like this who have absolutely no perspective. 

    This precious little angel is weeping cherubic tears over the Cardinals' Game 7 loss to the Giants in the 2012 NLCS. And why is he weeping? Well, the Giants won and he doesn't like that! The Cardinals were supposed to win and go to the World Series, damnit! 

    Of course he thinks that. They won in 2011 and a year represents like 30 percent of his entire life at this point. Imagine a 30-year-old whose team has won 10 championships in his/her lifetime crying over missing the World Series by a single inning. 

    Imagine if this kid was a Jets fan.