Kansas Basketball: Adidas Reveals Camo Print Uniforms for Jayhawks

Andrew DoughtyCorrespondent IIFebruary 28, 2013

Via @AdidasHoops
Via @AdidasHoops

For a program known for its rich tradition and rare uniform changes, Kansas is sure taking a leap with Adidas' new camo print digs.

Adidas released the questionable blue-on-blue uniforms last month for a series of games, including KU's trip to West Virginia, but they have one-upped themselves with the latest design, a camouflage look with atrocious "Zubaz" shorts.

In addition to Kansas, Notre Dame, Louisville, UCLA, Cincinnati and Baylor will wear the hideously clashing version beginning in their respective conference tournaments.

As if the design wasn't horrible enough, you will notice Baylor, UCLA and Louisville have sleeves added to their uniforms on the heels of the Golden State Warriors' sleeve-bearing decision last week.

It is unclear if the six teams will continue with the eyesores beyond the conference tournaments, but can anyone picture the title-contending Jayhawks cutting down the nets in April with those uniforms?

Baylor has sported similar camo designs in the past with the bright neon colors and, luckily for the viewing audience, the Bears are unlikely to reach the NCAA Tournament.

With the exception of KU's blue-on-blue uniforms for their game in Morgantown, the school rarely tinkers with different styles.  Even when doing so, commemorative throwbacks honoring a former team are most common, similar to the 1988 uniforms worn in Saturday's win over TCU.