WWE: What You Missed Since Last Week's Raw; Biggest Winner & Loser

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WWE: What You Missed Since Last Week's Raw; Biggest Winner & Loser
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Due to a temporary but severe lack of Internet access on top of an unexpected hospital visit, my weekly recap of WWE's four lower-rung shows has been absent since the end of January. And due to another unexpected sick day, it came out a day or two later than I would have liked to publish it.

But, once again, I bring you What You Missed Since Last Week's Raw.

Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber are behind us now, so the only thing anyone is concerned about is WrestleMania. Guys like John Cena and CM Punk and Undertaker and Triple H never have to worry about whether or not they'll be invited to partake in the biggest night of sports entertainment's calendar year.

But guys like Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel and The Colons are still struggling to land even a filler spot on the big card in East Rutherford. And since they rarely do more than lie down for the 1-2-3 on Raw and SmackDown, they're going to have to look elsewhere to truly let their lights shine.

So we take a look at NXT, Main Event, Superstars and Saturday Morning Slam to see how these performers are doing. After we review everything that happened on these shows, we'll decide who benefited the most last week and who may end up on TNA or ROH before long.

My "highlights" version of all four shows is below.

If it piques your interest enough to read on, this slideshow breaks down the shows individually, segment by segment, complete with my questions, predictions and/or honorable mentions.

If you disagree with my selections of who benefited/suffered the most, there's a comment section below.



On NXT,  Gabriel defeated Leo Kruger, a match set up after Krueger attacked Gabriel's injured friend Tyson Kidd the week prior. This was followed by another international matchup (remember, Gabriel and Kruger are both from South Africa), as the Australian Emma lost to Lithuanian Aksana.

Bo Dallas was supposed to be a part of the main event, a Triple Threat match also featuring Corey Graves and Conor O'Brian, the winner being declared the No. 1 contender for Big E. Langston's NXT Championship. Dallas was found knocked out backstage. The singles match between O'Brian and Graves was ruled a no-contest when The Shield came to the ring to destroy them both.

On Main Event, Cody Rhodes lost in singles competition to Sheamus. But Rhodes also got the rub of continued flirtation between himself and WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn.

There was also a quick match in which Mark Henry destroyed Gabriel. The rest of the show was just replays from Raw.

This week's Superstars featured two original matches and three Raw Rebounds. Brodus Clay and Tensai (whom I like to refer to as the "Phat Funks") got a win over Epico and Primo, while  Kingston got a win over David Otunga.

On Saturday Morning Slam, Booker T is getting ready to name a new general manager for the show, which will presumably be one of the superstars regularly featured on the program. This was the focus of most of the programming other than the matches.

Damien Sandow bested Zack Ryder and Antonio Cesaro got a victory over Gabriel. We also found out Booker T will be naming the new general manager on the March 9 episode of the show.

Now, if you care to read more about any of these happenings, please enjoy the slideshow.

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