Champions League: Can Liverpool Do It?

Aman NarangContributor IApril 12, 2009

Well as we all know, Liverpool were comprehensively beaten 3-1 by Chelsea at Anfield.

After conceding three home goals almost everyone has written them off, but can they pull the mother of all comebacks and advance to the semis? Well, I think they surely can.

Let's look at Liverpool's current form. If their loss against Chelsea is taken away, they have scored 20 goals in the past six matches and conceded only one.

That's more than three goals per match and those victories include a 4-0 victory over Real Madrid and 4-1 away victory over Man Utd, easily the two biggest clubs in the world.

On top of that, they did beat Chelsea both home and away in the league.

Also we cannot forget Liverpool are the comeback team and they have pulled some truly remarkable ones in the past...remember Olympiakos....AC Milan in 2005.

It is surely going be a monumental task at Stamford Bridge against a team that concedes rarely at home but Liverpool do have some factors favoring them...John Terry is out and Torres is looking lethal.

if they can score four away goals against United at Old Trafford, who's to say that they can't do it at Stamford Bridge?

It will be nothing short of a miracle if the Reds pull it off, but as a Liverpool fan, you have got to keep believing...