2013 NBA Draft Prospects That Every Fan Should Get to Know

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIIFebruary 27, 2013

While the NBA Draft is a far cry from the large scale meat market that exists in other sports, it's still a golden opportunity for each team in the league to get better. And as the college basketball season hits homestretch, the pro game's GMs and scouting departments are rounding out their big boards.

Which type of player will NBA teams select when they're on the clock?

Is your team looking for the next floor general? Then Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart is your man. The freshman point guard from Texas brings a competitive edge to his team's backcourt, but not only can Smart distribute the ball, he can shoot it as well.

As the Cowboys have torn up the Big 12 Conference, Smart has seen his stock rise toward lottery status. 

But what if your team needs a reliable two-way player? Consider Victor Oladipo of Indiana. Nobody has seen his potential draft status jump higher this season than the junior from Maryland. Oladipo has shown to be a reliable two-way player who can make a difference on both ends of the floor. 

And while Nerlens Noel, arguably the biggest big man in college basketball before his ACL tear (sorry, Cory Zeller), is injured, the 6'11" center is still expected to be a top three pick. Noel has the wingspan of a condor with raw offensive ability. He could be the next big thing in the NBA...or he could be the next Greg Oden. 

Join me as I discuss the NBA draft prospects that you need to know this spring. Check out all five of my prospects and leave your favorites in the comments below.

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