MLB 2K13: Improvements We Hope to See When Game Releases

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 28, 2013

image from MLB2K 13 Official Trailer
image from MLB2K 13 Official Trailer

It's no secret MLB 2K13 has been trailing MLB 13 The Show in the race for virtual baseball supremacy. IGN rated MLB 2K12 a seven and they rated MLB 13 The Show an 8.5.

This gap was indicative of how both games have been rated by most publications. It may be difficult for the MLB 2K franchise to wrestle away PS3 gamers from The Show franchise. But as a game that appears on both the Xbox 360 and PS3, Sony's console is just half the battle for MLB 2K.

There are a few areas the game can improve, and these improvements could at least appease the Xbox 360 gamers that only have MLB2K to satiate their cyber baseball fix. 

The Show is a Sony PlayStation product exclusive.


Deeper Franchise Mode

One welcomed enhancement would be to broaden the scope of the game's franchise mode. If more organizational management options existed like stadium building, and even team relocation, it would add tremendous depth.

I've been pining for a baseball simulation to include a create-a-stadium option for years. An old PC game called Earl Weaver Baseball  (per Giant Bomb) had the feature, but the current baseball franchises haven't seen fit to include it in any of the newer games.

This could be a unique feature MLB 2K offered that its competition doesn't.


New Player Models

Perhaps the biggest impediment for the MLB 2K series is the choice of player models. The current models aren't horrible, but when compared to the models in NBA 2K, which is also published by 2K Sports, it's hard to tell the games come from the same umbrella.

It is possible that the overall visual package could be improved with different lighting and shading effects, but tweaking the player models would go a long way in improving the visuals.


Smooth, Glitch-Free Gameplay

In some past versions, MLB 2K has been dogged by early glitches. These flaws have hurt the reputation of an otherwise solid baseball title with under-appreciated qualities.

The pitching engine has always been solid for MLB 2K, as has been the overall audio package and the impressive stat-tracking and overlays.

However, these qualities have been over-shadowed by some of the flaws. Here's to hoping most—if not all of those flaws—can be corrected in MLB 2K13, and some of the aforementioned enhancements have been implemented.


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