WWE Planning the 'World's Largest Harlem Shake' for WrestleMania 29?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 27, 2013

photo from usatoday.com
photo from usatoday.com

WWE sure seem eager to break some sort of Guinness World Record at a WrestleMania.

Reports (PWInsider via WrestlingInc) have noted in the past that the company has seriously considered attempting to break the official record for the most mask-wearing people in one arena. A proposed Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara WrestleMania match would have laid the foundations for this.

However, with Mysterio's recent disappearance from television and Sin Cara's plummeting profile, the "mask" idea looks to have been quietly forgotten about.

But one recent report claims management still holds bold ambitions of breaking a record.   

In this week's (subscribers only) F4W Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez notes that the company is currently discussing doing "The World's Largest Harlem Shake" at this year's WrestleMania event:

As preposterous as this sounds, it was discussed last week that since Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara isn't happening at WrestleMania this year and thus they aren't going to do the deal where they try to set the record for the most people wearing masks in the same place at the same time, instead they might try to set the record for — wait for it — "The World's Largest Harlem Shake." 

Notably, WWE have already got on board with the recent "Harlem Shake" craze, with the company posting this amusing video on their official YouTube channel recently. Watch out for Mae Young's "son" making a hilarious cameo in the background.

WWE's competitor, Impact Wrestling, also did something similar at one of their house show events last week.

On paper, the "Harlem Shake" idea sounds fun, something that people at WrestleMania could potentially get into.

Of course, planning something, and actually doing it, are two different things. Maybe WWE will lose interest in the idea in the weeks leading up to the event?

It's also worth noting that WrestleMania 29 takes place on April 7, almost seven weeks from now. By that time the general public may have grown tired of "Harlem Shake" craze. Well, assuming they haven't already.