Debate: Who Is Most to Blame for the Warriors-Pacers Brawl?

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Debate: Who Is Most to Blame for the Warriors-Pacers Brawl?
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors and Pacers were involved in a bit of a scuffle on Tuesday in Indiana. Who is most to blame for the mini-brawl that took place?


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Did any of you even watch. It was definatly lee. He shoved hindered so Hobert shoved back in self defense and anyone who think this was a fight/brawl ...
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How are the Pacers dirty exactly? Because they play hard? Give me a break. They are physical and they play with passion. They aren't the type of team ...
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People say lee started it but it went back earlier in the game when hibbert elbowed lee in the back intentionally on a dunk lee had, plus Stephenson t...
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It was lees fault n then it was currys fault for trying to grab roy they shouldve been suspended not roy
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