Rangers Fan Takes Fight to the Ground, Faceplants on Concrete Steps in Stands

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In the constant battle between concrete steps and the faces of woozy fans, steps win every time. 

Yahoo! Sports (h/t SportsGrid) spotted this video of one fan who got a face full of Madison Square Garden on Tuesday night when the Rangers took on the Winnipeg Jets, a game the Jets would win, 4-3. 

There isn't much in the way of information on this video, so we welcome anyone who may know more to come forward and offer what might be the cause of this crazy kerfuffle. 

It all begins with our fine redheaded fan getting in someone else's face. The four men get into a violent debate that isn't unlike me and my friends deciding which toppings to include on a pizza. 

Unfortunately, this argument turns into a fracas, which then becomes a slapstick video with bystanders chuckling as one young man eats a whole bunch of concrete. 

The two play-by-play announcers behind the camera offer up some sage wisdom in the form of "at least punch him if you are going to get thrown out" and"hit him in his belly."

In fact, I just assumed we would hear the classic chant of, "get him a body bag, Yeah!"

Karate Kid reference aside, this is serious business because the fan—who may have started the whole thing, according to a YouTube comment—looks to be seriously woozy after his steps snack.

However, I am going to imagine this has more to do with a cocktail that is equal parts alcohol and faceplate. 

Meanwhile, we are all still waiting for security to get there. 

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