25 Incredibly Awkward Sports Moments

Nick DimengoFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2013

25 Incredibly Awkward Sports Moments

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    We've all had those occasions when we can't help but mutter the word, "Awwwwkkwarrrrd."

    It might be when walking into a bar and seeing your ex sharing drinks with the guy she left you for.

    Maybe it's when the person you're dogging on just so happens to be standing right behind you?

    Or it could be when watching some of these sports moments, which undoubtedly leave you scratching your head.

Kevin Garnett and Michele Tafoya

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    Think the Big Ticket was more than just a little hyped when he finally won a ring with the Celts back in 2008?

    Hands-down, this is the worst interview we've ever seen. Not because of anything that necessarily happens, but because Tafoya would be better off interviewing a homeless drunk person than Garnett, who just screams during the entire thing.

Ric Bucher and Gregg Popovich

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    Cold-blooded and serious.

    That's the only way to describe what Pop's got going on here.

    In fact, we're not sure he wouldn't win in a staring contest with that type of bold face he gives after mentioning Manu's name?

    Love how Bucher just says, "Fair enough" as the coach is already halfway back to the Spurs bench.

Bruce Pearl and Erin Andrews

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    As a disclaimer, guys, remember never try to pull off a move like this.

    Pearl semi gets away with it because a) he's technically just answering the question and b) Erin Andrews is cool as hell for not kneeing him in the crotch or pushing him away.

    But that doesn't mean we can't salute the guy for taking the risk that every single dude would love to try—hugging the sexy reporter.

Sergio Ramos

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    This is a classic case of a celebration gone awry.

    You'd think that in a soccer-crazed city like Madrid, it'd have to do with a fan doing something inappropriate or a riot breaking out, but it came when the Real Madrid defender dropped the Copa del Rey trophy, causing the bus to roll over it.

    This may be the biggest party foul ever!

Adam Kilgore and Heidi Watney

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    Some guys just have a really, really hard time talking to the opposite sex.

    It's tough not to feel bad for Red Sox Insider Adam Kilgore here while talking to blonde bombshell Heidi Watney, bringing us all back to our middle-school playground days, I'm sure.

    Seeing the destruction right before their eyes, producers luckily just ended the first date-type report before fans had to endure it any longer.

Andy Roddick and Chinese Reporter

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    Though Roddick proved this reporter right by hanging it up last year, the former tennis player didn't want anything to do with retirement talk during the 2011 China Open, proving his return game wasn't just good on the court.

    As weird as Andy's response is, we find it stranger that media people in the room actually clap when he's walking out.

    Isn't neutrality taught in like Journalism 101?

Nicole Richie and Bill MacDonald

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    Kobe really does rule L.A., doesn't he?

    It doesn't get much worse for the reality star, Richie, than being tanked at a Lakers game and responding to MacDonald's question like this.

    Well, unless you take into account that whole The Simple Life show she did, which we'd probably say was rock bottom.

Chris McKendry

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    After watching this video, you'd think ESPN anchor McKendry was the one who could handle smoking all that weed, because she can't help but crack up during her report.

    As we've mentioned throughout this article, sometimes what's on your mind just comes out.

Novak Djokovic and the U.S. Open Fans

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    Djokovic is arguably the most dominant tennis player on earth right now, so it probably isn't too smart for an opposing player to call him out and add fuel to his fire.

    But in response to a player doing so, the Serbian wasn't shy in voicing his opinion, causing a ton of outrage from the American crowd.

    The entire interview's awkward with the rain of boos, but at least it's not as weird as Djoko doing the "Gangnam Style" dance.

Christine Nubla

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    Live reporting can be tough.

    Sometimes you just can't help but say what's really going through your mind, even if you're lips are trying to have something completely different come out.

    This poor reporter found out that mixing business with pleasure usually doesn't end well.

Nick Novak

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    A couple questions with this.

    1) Why did Novak think he needed to hydrate enough to pee on the sidelines? He's a kicker, how much is he really losing in sweat?

    2) How come the CBS cameras continue to show him on the sideline? It's pretty clear he's not using that towel to hide any glare from finding his lucky shoelace.

    We're just happy the nerves didn't cause him to do this on the field, otherwise things may have gotten pretty weird.

50 Cent and Erin Andrews

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    Once again we see Miss Andrews find herself in an unfortunate predicament with a young lad trying to get some action with her.

    This time it's rapper 50 Cent who, for some reason unbeknownst to us, is in the pit at the Daytona 500.

    If him trying to cop a kiss wasn't creepy enough, he then follows EA to try and track down Danica. Oh, Fifty.

Mark Sanchez and Mark Brunell

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    Quick wits by the camera guy for knowing exactly what to do when one QB is caught not only picking his nose, but then wiping it on his unsuspecting backup.

    The good news is at least Sanchez didn't eat it or flick it at Brunell, that would have made things really weird.

    We must remind all athletes that a camera can be on you at any time, so just keep the fingers out of the noses, OK?

Doris Burke

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    The entire video starts off weird with Stu Scott hitting those high notes and singing "Oklahoma," but it gets a little stranger when top-notch sideline reporter Doris Burke stops herself not just once, but twice to try a couple takes on her report.

    Great effort to get things right, but when the director yells, "We're live," that usually means you don't have a re-do.

Kobe Bryant and Reporter

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    How can anyone hate Kobe?

    Personally, we think he's one of the most entertaining players in the league thanks to his burning desire to win all the time.

    When he sarcastically answers this reporter's question with a blank-faced, "No," and then gets up and walks away, how can't you laugh?

    The added dropped brow as he's leaving the podium gives it one last "yikes" moment.

Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas

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    We all see a lot of weird things on live TV, but can anyone else remember a grown-ass man asking another guy if he's ever been ridden before?

    Raftery's been around a long time, but his man-to-man shout out at the beginning of games may have just taken on an entirely new meaning.

Yankees Fan and Kim Jones

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    Have you seen the prices for food at baseball stadiums? They're outrageous!

    So this Yanks fan decided he'd take a chomp out of Twins reporter Kim Jones' meat stick to save some dime.

    We applaud his persistence and her professionalism, as he doesn't give up from her initial tug away, and she just continues to do her job.

Dennis Green and the Media

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    First off, we've always thought Green had an eerily familiar resemblance to Ron Jeremy, making this video even more hilarious and awkward when picturing the legendary porn star up there.

    As one of the best rants by a head coach in recent memory, Denny lays into everyone in the media room, making it a little bit too uncomfortable.

    Hey, at least the reporter who asked the question was polite enough to say, "Thanks, coach," at the end of the tirade!

Mike Tyson and Russ Salzberg

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    It's hard to forget just how intimidating and scary Tyson was when he was a boxer, especially when seeing him dance around and sing in movies like the Hangover series.

    But as Sanzler found out here, there was absolutely no way to even get a proper response from Iron Mike when interviewing him if he didn't want to talk, which seemed to be the case here.

    We're just glad this was done with the two in remote locations and not face-to-face, otherwise it could have gotten really ugly.

Jim Rome and Jim Everett

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    As mentioned in the previous slide with Tyson, the boxer would have a similar reaction as former QB Jim Everett did when being called Chris Evert—who was a famous female tennis star—by host Jim Rome.

    We know this slideshow's supposed to be about awkwardness, but for anyone out there who can't stand Rome, this is called karma and getting what so many sports fans probably thinks he deserves.

Blackhawks Fan and Sarah Kustok

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    Can't blame the guy for trying, right?

    After an already incredibly awkward interview where the guy speaks obviously way too long than he should—giving a shout out to his sister—he proceeds to drape his arm around the reporter, who, unfortunately, can't lean away from his wrath.

    The postgame interview is even better when Kustok says she's just jumping in and doing a "blind marriage" with the overzealous fan.

    Nicely played.

The Pouncey Brothers

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    Being drafted into the NFL takes a lot of hard work, a bit of good luck and a ton of support from those who love you the most.

    Unfortunately for Maurkice and Mike Pouncey, they were caught leaning into each other the wrong way while celebrating the Steelers' selection of Maurkice, causing them to lock lips.

    It left everyone asking, "Wait. What just happened there?" and really hoping they had DVR to double-check what they saw.

ESPN Plus Reporter

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    If this Jimmy guy is trying to work his way from minor-league broadcasting and up to the prime time, we'd suggest he learns from this little "successful" mistake.

    It's not that he just had the slip-up, but that he actually tried to step back and fix it, only repeating himself and making it even worse.

Joe Namath and Suzy Kolber

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    From the very beginning, it's pretty obvious ol' Broadway Joe comes off as that drunk uncle whose mind is running with a ton of different thoughts.

    Not only does he give some rambling answer about Chad Pennington, but then when asked again by Kolber his thoughts on the team struggling, he just flat-out says, "I could care less about the team struggling."


    Oh yeah, and then there's the whole, "I want to kiss you" thing.

    Hey, as Joe Theismann says, "He's just a happy guy!" Right...

Brian Collins

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    To this day, there still isn't a more awkward moment in all of sports than this poor kid trying to do the news for Ball State's local station.

    It's honestly like watching that accident on the side of the road where you want to look away, but it's just impossible to do.

    Lucky for him, this wasn't his demise from becoming a real reporter, and hell, he's even gotten more popular because of it!