Mississippi 50 Trail Run 2013: Route, Start Time, Date and More

Justin OnslowContributor IIFebruary 27, 2013

Photo courtesy of Mac Knight via MS50.com
Photo courtesy of Mac Knight via MS50.com

The Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi 50 Trail Run offers ultra runners an opportunity to take to the trails for a demanding test of endurance, mental fortitude and willpower. For those runners, completing the 20-kilometer, 50-kilometer or 50-mile portion of the run isn’t just about competing—it’s about pushing the limits of what can be accomplished.

For the 16th year, runners will take to the Longleaf Horse Trail in Laurel, Mississippi’s De Soto National Forest, which has been the home of the run since it was moved from Leland, Miss. in 1996 (per MS50.com). Due to Hurricane Katrina, the race was cancelled in 2006, breaking a string of 10 consecutive races in Laurel.

According to the event’s official website, the Longleaf Horse Trail’s “soft dirt trails, pine needle paths and fire roads,” make it a relatively easy course for the event’s ultra runners, who can choose to participate on the 20-kilometer, 50-kilometer or 50-mile loops.

This year’s event will be the 12th race in honor of Carl Touchstone, who was instrumental in the race’s move to Laurel in 1996. It once again will commemorate Touchstone and his “untimely death due to cancer.”

Here’s a look at the route, start time, date and other information for the event.


Date and Start Time

The Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50 Trail Run takes place on Saturday, March 2, but the start times vary based on the various distances and loops in which the runners will be taking part.

*Local time for the event is Central Time.

20K Runners: 9 a.m. ET

50K and 50M runners: 7 a.m. ET

Time Limit: 12-hour time limit for 50K and 50M runs



The Longleaf Horse Trail consists of two loops: a 6.1-mile loop and a longer 12.5-mile loop.

Runners participating in the 20K run the long loop once. Fifty-kilometer runners do the large loop twice and finish the run with the shorter loop, while the 50-mile runners do the large loop three times and the shorter loop twice.

According to the Mississippi 50 Trail Run’s official website, 50-kilometer and 50-mile runners pass the starting point several times throughout the run, allowing runners to leave extra clothes, shoes and “goodies” at the starting area.

Runners don’t need to worry about taking on too large a task; switching races during the run is allowed, but those runners aren’t eligible for a trophy when they finish the event.


Previous 50-Mile Winners and Times

Year First Place (Male) First Place (Female)
2012 Eric John 6:55:18 Kate Brun 8:30:00
2011 Greg Geahart 7:53:58 Karen Ray 8:36:41
2010 George Sekzix 7:22:22 Deanna Culbreath 8:46:21
2009 John Brower 7:21:50 Kris Whorton 8:05:44
2008 John Brower 6:51:15 Ann Heaslett 8:47:06
2007 Joel Stahel 7:02:22 Ann Heaslett 7:33:56
2005 DeWayne Satterfield 6:51:37 Ann Heaslett 7:33:07
2004 Eric Grossman 6:39:21 Sally Brooking 8:57:23
2003 Davy W. Kennamer 6:34:58 Beth Simpson 10:08:47
2002 DeWayne Satterfield 6:33:49 Tracy Rose 7:08:28
2001 DeWayne Satterfield 6:42:23 Kiersten Schnacke 9:42:05
2000 Dink Taylor 5:55:41 Kathy Youngren 7:25:50
1999 DeWayne Satterfield 6:56:53 Tracy Rose 7:08:26
1998 Dink Taylor 6:33:50 Susan Kempema 8;12:40
1997 DeWayne Satterfield 6:55:42 Kathryn Faulkner 8:03:00
1996 Dink Taylor 6:22:00 Barbara Marquer 9:47:00


Trophies and prizes are awarded to participants of the run, as noted on the event’s website:

Each entrant will receive a tech t-shirt. Trophies are awarded to the top several male and female runners in each race. A finisher memento (e.g.: running cap, or gloves or bottle) is given to each finisher. 50 mile finishers also receive a handsome belt buckle.

*All results acquired from MS50.com.