UFC on Fuel TV 8 Results: Wanderlei Silva Defeats Brian Stann

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistMarch 3, 2013

Veteran MMA fighter Wanderlei Silva quieted critics (for now) with a huge win over Brian Stann at UFC on Fuel TV 8 on Sunday.

In a wildly entertaining bout, "The Axe Murderer" claimed another victim. A huge right-left combination dropped Stann, and Silva landed heavy ground-and-pound to end the night in the second round.

The two fighters had several vicious exchanges in the first round, but Stann seemed to slow noticeably after a bad gash opened on the bridge of his nose.

In Round 2, with the pace slowed significantly, Silva added another win to his legendary resume. Silva is 35-12 with an amazing 25 KO wins. Stann dropped to 12-6 with the loss.

Silva had lost five of his last eight fights in the UFC coming into this bout (seven of his 12 career losses have come since Sept. 2006), but the veteran’s experience in the Octagon was too much for the talented Stann, who continues his recent struggles.

Stann’s loss marks his third defeat in the last four fights. While the former United States soldier has a great story, his inconsistencies in the Octagon are a serious issue.

Despite the victory, Silva isn't likely to be involved in any light heavyweight title contender fights, but if Silva can win his next bout in convincing fashion, Dana White and the UFC will have to give the veteran a shot at becoming the No. 1 contender once again.

Too many talented stars are ahead of Silva for the veteran to get a title shot anytime soon—fighters with much better records over the last five years—but this is definitely a step in the right direction after so many failures since returning to the UFC in 2007.

While Silva has taken a step in the right direction, the once promising career of the former WEC light heavyweight champion, Stann, has taken another huge blow.

Stann has lost every big fight he has been a part of since joining the UFC in 2009, and his days of being a serious contender for a title appear to be over. The veteran has become nothing more than a divisional gatekeeper.

As for what’s next for both fighters, the UFC has some hard decisions to make.

With 100 fighters still likely to get cut (h/t MMA Fighting), White must make a decision on how much these two fighters draw for the company and what the long-term benefits of keeping them on the roster will be.

Despite the outcome of this fight, both Silva and Stann could be on the chopping block.