5 Reasons Manchester United Will Defeat Real Madrid at Old Trafford

Mathias AskCorrespondent IIFebruary 27, 2013

5 Reasons Manchester United Will Defeat Real Madrid at Old Trafford

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    Manchester United has a golden opportunity to knock Real Madrid out of the Champions League next week.

    After the first leg ended in a 1-1 draw, Los Blancos will be heading to Manchester with the possibility of elimination looming over their heads.

    The Red Devils played their cards perfectly at the Bernabeu and snatched the away goal they were looking for.

    Now back in their comfort zone at home, United can finally focus on playing their game.

    Here are five reasons why the Red Devils will defeat Los Blancos at Old Trafford.

Home Field Advantage

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    Manchester United is undefeated at Old Trafford in all competitions since December 5.

    Real Madrid can’t expect to stonewall United for 90 straight minutes like they tried to do in Madrid. If anything the Red Devils will try to take control of the game.

    Champions League nights at Old Trafford are truly special, and United can count on full support from a sold-out stadium throughout the entire game. 

Real Madrid Will Be Forced to Give Up Space

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    When Danny Welbeck scored at the Bernabeu, everyone watching knew that Los Blancos had painted themselves into a corner.

    Real Madrid is heading to Old Trafford knowing that if they don’t attack, Manchester United will be more than happy to let the game end in a 0-0 tie.

    As a result, there will be moments when Los Blancos will be forced to go on the offensive, and that will leave room for United’s strikers to exploit.

    United came dangerously close to getting a second goal in Madrid thanks to their counterattacks, and they will surely try to use the same formula in the second leg.

United Have the Easier Schedule

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    First of all, congratulations to Real Madrid for defeating Barcelona in the Copa del Rey semifinal yesterday. Second of all, good luck against Barcelona on Saturday.

    Yes, Real Madrid will in fact play their arch-rivals twice before the second leg against United.

    Los Blancos couldn’t possibly get a more emotionally or physically draining preparation before they head for Old Trafford.

    Manchester United, on the other hand, will only play Norwich at home on Sunday before they face off against Real Madrid.

    Unless Ferguson decides to start his best men against the Canaries, United will be in better shape before Wednesday’s contest.

Robin Van Persie Is Reportedly Fit to Play

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    United fans held their breath when Van Persie collided with a TV camera during last weekend’s matchup against Queens Park Rangers.

    The Dutchman is Manchester’s most dangerous offensive weapon, and losing him would have been disastrous.

    Luckily for Sir Alex Ferguson and the Red Devils, it has been reported that Van Persie will be ready for action in time for the Champions League second leg.

    He is a goal-scoring threat every time he is near goal, and if anyone’s going to put this game out of reach for Los Blancos, it is Van Persie.

David De Gea’s Acrobatic Saves

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    While De Gea has been a source of frustration at times, he was United’s saving grace at the Bernabeu. His magnificent saves kept Manchester United in the game and frustrated Real Madrid’s strikers.

    United will be in need of De Gea’s shot-stopping skills if they are to advance to the next round.

    Considering that a 0-0 draw puts United ahead, his job becomes even more important.

    If the Spaniard continues where he left off, he is going to be remembered as the Man of the Match.