The Most Intense Real-Life Feuds in WWE

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Art imitating life is always a powerful formula for professional wrestling. It appeals to all fans, even if some fans don't realize it.

Some fans are so connected with the Internet and social media that they realize something in the television storyline is following along closely with real life. Others are casual fans consuming the product only when they see it on television. They might not realize how reality-based the storyline they see is, but chances are it's an entertaining story because it has such an organic feel and the entertainment is keeping the fans happy.

It follows the same principle of why reality television has become so popular. People don't want as much canned laughter and scripted dialogue from a soundstage. They want real people, real places and real drama. It provides an anything-could-happen feel.

There have been several of these stories over the years in WWE. Big Nasty and I debate which ones were the best.

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