Biggest Headcases in College Football

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2013

Biggest Headcases in College Football

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    We are all a little crazy.

    It's just part of life. And it seems that people who are involved with football just naturally have another level of crazy, which they tend to display on the field.

    This list is about those who sometimes just seem to flat lose it.

    The guys who have done something, or continually do things that make us wonder what in the world just happened.

    Most of them are coaches, because it takes a special kind of crazy to coach a football team—the kind that is dedicated, loyal and not afraid to let lose with the emotions for the sake of the team.

    Of course, there are a few guys on this list who really don't have any idea what reality is, and even a mascot, who seems to have some issues of his own.

    Whatever the reason, they are all gathered here on this list of the biggest headcases in college football.

15. Lou Holtz, ESPN

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    Lou Holtz always thinks Notre Dame is going to a BCS game.

    It doesn't matter if it's the middle of the season and the team just lost its fourth game, he will pick them all the way.

    On one hand, it's hard not to admire that kind of loyalty and dedication to a team.

    On the other, it sometimes makes viewers wonder if he is in full possession of his faculties.

14. Taylor Lewan, OL, Michigan

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    It's possible that Michigan offensive lineman Taylor Lewan is not a headcase, per se, but he's certainly got a higher level of crazy than others in the college football universe.

    Lewan's epic "finger moustache" tattoo leaves little room for doubt.

    In reality, it's really not all that crazy.

    We all crave attention, and that exactly what Lewan identifies as the driving force behind his tat.

    "I like attention," he said (via Dave Dye, "I'm an attention guy. I LOVE the attention."

    On the other hand, some would label him a little bit unstable for playing at Michigan, but probably not to his face.

13. Nick Saban, Head Coach, Alabama

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    Who are we to question Nick Saban's methods, or his success?

    The man has never looked happier than in this picture, gazing at the camera from behind his third BCS championship trophy.

    You better look hard, though, because you probably won't see him smiling again until the next time the Tide win the title.

    He's a hard man to please, and extremely vocal, in an angry way, during practice.

    On top of that, his passion for excellence pushes him to places some of us have never been. Within two minutes of winning the national championship, he was already talking about getting prepared for next year.

    The man has an insane obsession with the game, and it results in national titles.

    So the next time your significant other questions your football watching obsession, go ahead and let them know that Nick Saban was obsessed, and it led him to the highest-paying job in college football.

12. A.J. Mccarron, QB, Alabama

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    Yes, A.J. McCarron has the opportunity to go down as the best quarterback of the BCS era, and lead his team to a three-peat of BCS titles.

    And Brent Musburger thinks his girlfriend is not hard to look at.

    But McCarron's level of insanity cannot be questioned.

    The tattoo on his chest told me so.

11. Lee Corso, ESPN

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    Who doesn't love Lee Corso?

    The man is enthusiastic, if sometimes unintelligible, and every week he puts a mascot head or some other apparel on to signify his pick in the game of the week.

    The man is crazy, visibly making his pick on a national television program every week, in a unique way that clings to the memory.

    He puts himself on the line every week wearing ridiculous clothing, just to let us know who he feels will win the football game.

10. Bo Pelini, Head Coach, Nebraska

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    Bo Pelini might best be described as the Bobby Knight of football, minus the assault on a player and throwing folding chairs.

    Let's just say he's intense.

    While calling him a headcase for that intensity might seem a little extreme, there is no arguing that the guy has some anger issues, even if they are usually exaggerated by the media.

    Case in point, he almost takes off Taylor Martinez's face in this clip, caught by ESPN in the middle of a game against Texas A&M back in 2010.

    Not the facial expressions one expects on a man in complete possession of all of his faculties.

9. Rich Rodriguez, Head Coach, Arizona

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    Other than his ability to create the perfect offense around the players he coaches, Rich Rodriguez is known for bailing on West Virginia and then getting canned at Michigan.

    Before we talk about some of his idiosyncrasies, let's not forget to point out that he is a great coach who helped turn West Virginia into a program that was actually relevant for a while on the national scale.

    That said, how insane does one have to be to shred documents related to your players?

    The entire roster, every document that could record their activities during your tenure as head coach, shredded.

    That's exactly what Rodriguez has been accused of—shredding documents, or having someone shred them—after he decided to leave West Virginia.

8. Oregon Duck Mascot

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    There are probably plenty of crazy young college students clamoring for the "Puddles" position.

    And we are not talking about cleaning up dog urine.

    The Oregon mascot is a busy guy, showing up on College GameDay and getting all kinds of camera time during Oregon football games.

    I'm not sure if there is a rotation of students that wear the Puddles mascot gear, or if it's one person in really great shape—either way, they are insane.

    Who wants to do pushups every time the Ducks score?

    That's hundreds of pushups with that mascot uniform every game.

7. Casey Pachall, QB, TCU

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    Casey Pachall is an interesting character.

    At the Poinsettia Bowl following the 2011 season, Pachall had an interesting design cut into his hair, in the form of the TCU logo.

    Putting yourself in the position where people might mock and laugh is bad enough, Pachall was also suspended from the program last season, following an arrest for driving while intoxicated.

    He's back to the program now, and will be caught in a fierce battle for the TCU starting quarterback position with Trevone Boykin, and if he loses, we can probably look forward to some more sideline hair art.

6. Tommy Tuberville, Head Coach, Cincinnati

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    Call it a moment of anger, call it the result of Tommy Tuberville's frustration or call it a one time thing that has never happened before.

    Call it whatever you want, hitting an assistant in the face takes a lot of crazy.

5. Les Miles, Head Coach, LSU

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    Les Miles, caught in his natural habitat on the LSU sideline just chewing on some grass.

    That's right, the man bent over, picked grass and began to chew it.

    Then there are the questionable clock management skills, as well as Miles' penchant for over the top press conferences.

    And the part where he was caught on camera picking his nose.

    Miles is a great coach, and everyone has issues, but not like Miles.

4. Mike Leach, Head Coach, Washington State

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    I don't really think Mike Leach is a headcase; honestly, he is just misunderstood and a genius.


    The man is plumb crazy, riddling press conferences with hilarious one-liners and delivering epic sideline and practice field meltdowns.

    Nobody does crazy like Leach.

    And he bears a striking resemblance to the butler Emilio Lopez from Mr. Deeds.

3. Mike Stoops, Defensive Coordinator, Oklahoma

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    Look at him, he appears ready to blow a blood vessel, if that's even possible.

    Mike Stoops, currently the defensive coordinator at Oklahoma, has not developed a reputation for tact and class on the football field.

    As a matter of fact, his angry tirades would indicate that he seems to be a bit crazy.

    In this incident, when he was still head honcho at Arizona, Stoops' angry rant was so intense and NSFW, that his face had to be blurred by the television network because he was enunciating a little too clearly for national television.

    Yeah, that's just another day on the sideline for Mr. Stoops.

2. George O'Leary, Head Coach, UCF

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    George O'Leary takes this whole "headcase" thing to another level.

    There was the incident where he boycotted Bright House Network's report Dave Bauman for reporting that the Knights starting quarterback and running back would not start in the next game...and they didn't!

    That may be the first recorded instance of a coach getting mad at a reported for reporting the facts accurately.

    Not only that, but he padded his resume when he applied for the head coaching position at Notre Dame back in the early part of the last decade.

    To his credit, the Fighting Irish fell for it, and he was hired, but that only lasted five days.

1. Will Muschamp, Head Coach, Florida

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    The guy's nickname was "Coach Blood" after his first game as defensive coordinator at Texas.

    He has a face that could haunt nightmares when angry.

    He throws epic sideline tantrums, and seems to know more expletives than the average sailor (NSFW), not afraid to use them in the general direction of the zebras.

    Will Muschamp is definitely a "headcase."