The 20 Most Ridiculous Celebrity-Athlete Beefs in Sports

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterFebruary 27, 2013

The 20 Most Ridiculous Celebrity-Athlete Beefs in Sports

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    It seems like athletes are always feuding with someone these days.

    Their teammates. Their ex-girlfriends. Their current girlfriends. Team management and/or coaches. And sometimes even with celebrities. 

    The advent of the internet, the 24-hour news cycle and the widespread expansion of social media platforms have all contributed to an uptick in beefing athletes. No matter what they're getting heated about, it's almost guaranteed to be ridiculous. 

    Even when it's serious, it's often still pretty ridiculous at its core. Let's take a look at 20 of the most ridiculous athlete/celebrity beefs—in no particular order of ridiculousness. That's just too difficult to quantify.

Terrell Owens & Joanna Krupa

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    Talk about random. In June 2009, model Joanna Krupa seriously stood up to wide receiver Terrell Owens when they appeared on ABC's The Superstars. The pair were running an obstacle course together when things got heated: 

    Said Krupa: "You're the one that [messed] up! We could have won—so shut up! So cocky? For what? You got in the NFL?"

    Said Owens: "I feel really bad for your boyfriend. I really feel bad for him."

    Leave it to Owens to take things to a personal new low. After the exchange, Krupa declined to shake his hand.

Allen Iverson & Jay-Z

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    The feud between hip hop superstars Jay-Z and Nas was one of the most high-profile music feuds of the decade.

    Going into the details of a feud so epic that it has its own Wikipedia page would be excessive—you can go read about it on your own time.

    Former NBA player Allen Iverson entered the picture in late 2001 when he and Jay-Z were mentioned by name in the Nas song, "Got Ur Self A…"

    He accused both men of sleeping with Carmen Bradley, the mother of his child, while they were still together. 

    A few years later in an interview with KING magazine, Bradley recounted a story in which Iverson stepped to Jay-Z for mentioning she and him in another song. The whole incident sounds deliciously awkward—especially the reference to the size of their…manhood. 

    Doesn't that break some kind of guy code?

Lance Armstong & Conan O'Brien

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    In 2010, comedian Conan O'Brien took a (hilarious) shot at disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong on Twitter. Naturally, Armstrong took a shot right back. 

    Tweeted Conan: "Yesterday was the longest day of the year, unless you count the time I interviewed Lance Armstrong."

    Tweeted Lance: "All you wanted to talk about was riding bikes and shaving your legs. It was, uh, slightly freaky."

    It didn't really develop much beyond that. Although, while O'Brien's initial tweet was funny, it really seems to have come from a place of genuine distaste.

    Who can blame him?

Kobe Bryant & Drake

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    Months after Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, rapper Drake made mention of the situation in a less-than-flattering way on the Rick Ross track "Stay Schemin."

    I'm going to do myself a favor and not reprint the lyrics—not even going to attempt to appropriately alter them.

    If I did that, you'd miss the entire tone anyway, so just check them out for yourself. Needless to say, Ms. Vanessa was not at all pleased by the inclusion of Kobe, and by extension her, in the song.

    She took to Instagram (a weird venue to address a beef, I know) to give Drake a piece of her mind.

    Drake has since apologized and Kobe has addressed the incident with him and he and Vanessa are officially back together.

    So, presumably this beef is squashed. Next time Drake should think twice about starting something he's scared to back up.

Merril Hoge & Josh Duhamel

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    There's no love lost between ESPN analyst Merril Hoge and Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow—everyone knows that. Hoge has been one of Tebow's most outspoken critics since the day he was drafted by the Broncos in the first round. 

    While the jury is still out on Tebow, it's safe to say that Hoge isn't exactly alone in his assessment so far.

    Although there is at least one person who has taken issue with Hoge's harsh words—actor Josh Duhamel. In December 2012, Duhamel lashed out at Hoge on Twitter in a surprisingly hostile tone: 

    Tweeted Hoge: "Any bronco fan still think they would be better with Tebow? I've not heard much noise lately? Curious??"

    Tweeted Duhamel: "hey merril. Josh Duhamel here. Wondering why you're such a jealous b***c about Tebow? He's 10x the player you were."

    As ridiculous as this whole thing is, I couldn't help but LOL at the fact that he felt the need to say "Josh Duhamel here." That reminds me of how my parents used to end every text with "love mom" or "love dad."

Derek Jeter & Donald Trump

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    Billionaire blowhard Donald Trump has had monosyllabic one-sided feuds with pretty much everyone on earth at this point.

    But, in October 2012, it was beloved Yankee Derek Jeter who incurred the nonsensical wrath of this orange-stained demon. 

    After Jeter suffered a devastating ankle injury in the ALCS that knocked him out for the remainder of the playoffs, Trump announced that the broken bone was a direct result of Jeter having the audacity (see: good sense) to move out of the garish UN Plaza Trump Tower. 

    Stunning levels of boobery, as always. Jeter, ever the dignified professional, didn't take the bait.

Kris Humphries & Kim Kardashian

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    Big surprise.

    The big, fat fake wedding of Kim Kardashian and Brooklyn Nets player Kris Humphries didn't end in happily ever after. Instead it ended in, "You'll get your desperately coveted divorce so you can get married for the third time over my dead body." 

    As much as Humprhies may have been a willing participant in the Kardashian faux reality initially, you can't really blame the guy for being a little bitter.

    An elaborate televised $10 million wedding and Kim couldn't even pretend to like Kris for a couple of months or a year—just to save face? 

    Nope. She pulled the plug after 72 days and Humphries became a national laughingstock. I'm no fan of either of these two, but I hope Humphries drags his feet on this divorce for as long as humanly possible. 

    Sorry Kim…sometimes you don't get exactly what you want the exact moment you want it. Now that's reality.

Kris Humprhies & Kanye West

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    Talk about the most unnecessary feud in history. Kim Kardashian has been firmly locked in battle with future ex-husband Kris Humphries, essentially, since the day they married.

    But of course Kanye "Imma let you finish but" West is never going to walk away from the opportunity to throw fuel on the fire. In August 2012, West released the song "Way Too Cold" which included a lyric aimed at Humphries: 

    "I'll admit I fell in love with Kim around the same time she had fell in love with him…Well that's cool, baby girl, do you thing / Lucky I ain't have Jay drop him from the team."

    Humphries didn't lose any sleep over it though, since Jay-Z didn't have any intention of dropping him from the Nets. Instead, he was signed to a $24 million extension and wished West luck in dealing with the nightmare ahead of him.

LeBron James & Jay-Z

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    I'm going to say straight up that I think the supposed beef between Heat superstar LeBron James and longtime pal Jay-Z was exaggerated, if not entirely fabricated.

    That being said, it got a little press in 2010, so why not include it. 

    According to the always reliable unnamed insiders, a mini-feud developed between the two after Jay-Z became upset with James for not returning his phone calls during his free agent period.

    Apparently, Jay-Z wanted to talk to James about playing for the Nets, and he didn't want to tell him that he was going to play for the Heat. 

    You know, that actually sounds relatively plausible now that I've re-read it.

    Who knows if it actually happened or not, but it's at least possible. But whatever did (or didn't) happen, the incident is long behind them. These two have been spotted together countless times in the last few years.

Tom Brady & Jay Leno

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    Okay, obviously the feud between cartoon Tom Brady and cartoon Jay Leno portrayed in the Family Guy episode "Patriot Games" (one of my all-time favorite episodes) doesn't technically exist in real life.

    But that doesn't mean it's not one of the most hilariously ridiculous feuds in sports history. 

    It was a little bit one-sided, with Leno menacing a frightened Brady with ominous prank calls. I remember it was so obscure that I routinely googled it because I was convinced there had to be some real world basis for it.

    There isn't. It's still amazing.

Sebastian Telfair & Fabolous

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    In October 2006, former Celtics point guard Sebastian Telfair was jacked outside P Diddy's New York restaurant, Justin's. The assailants took off with upwards of $50,000 worth of Telfair's jewelry, having ripped a gold chain right right off his neck. 

    In the moments after the incident, he was seen making a call on his cellphone. Not long after the call, an unknown gunman rolled up outside the restaurant and shot rapper Fabolous, wounding him in the left thigh, before feeling the scene. 

    Fabolous and his crew tried to catch up with the shooter in their vehicle, but were eventually stopped by police. Authorities investigated the possibility that the two incidents were related, but came up with nothing concrete linking the two incidents. 

    Both parties cooperated with police, but there remains lingering suspicion that Telfair was behind the shooting.

Kobe Bryant & Mark Cuban

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    In February 2013, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban set off a surprise firestorm by discussing the hypothetical option of the Lakers choosing to amnesty Kobe Bryant to save themselves from a very hefty hit from the increasing luxury tax.

    And we all know when Cuban talks, people listen.

    He took a ton of crap from irate Lakers fans on Twitter and attracted the attention of Bryant himself. When the Lakers and Mavs played a day later, Bryant led them to a win with 38 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists. 

    After the game Byrant tweeted "Amnesty THAT." Naturally, the always-cool-as-a-cucumber Cuban gave him props for his perfectly timed, perfectly biting tweet. But something tells me Kobe won't soon forgive and forget the incident.

Dez Bryant & Lil Wayne

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    In January 2012, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was involved in an altercation outside a nightclub in Miami Beach.

    The details of the night are a little sketchy, but according to reports, the incident stemmed from some bad blood between Bryant and Lil Wayne (and his entourage).

    The fight seems to have begun because Wayne's entourage put Bryant on blast in the club over some unpaid debts—which included loans and an outstanding balance to a Dallas jeweler. Honestly, who knew rappers were so vigilant about paying their bills?

    It seems fiscal responsibility is so important to them that they feel the need to menace other people about about their lack of it. Strange. Either way, the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones stood by Bryant through the ordeal and nothing much came of it ultimately.

    But don't expect these two to be shopping together anytime soon.

CM Punk & Chris Brown

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    Every WWE fan knows that CM Punk always has something to say and he never backs down from a fight. Which is probably why he decided to take the gloves off on Twitter and spark a feud with someone else who likes to fight—singer Chris Brown.

    Punk made a video responding to Brown's baseless allegations that the wrestler had been using steroids. Punk said in the video: 

    "I don't need a bodyguard…I don't have an assistant, I have no need for a PR team to tell me what to tweet and when to delete tweets…And I don't hit women. Period. You don't hit women…I will make you feel as weak and powerless and scared and alone as any woman who's had the misfortune of knowing a sad, cowardly little boy such as yourself." 

    Well maybe you don't hit women, but Brown has been known to. The short-tempered singer quickly shot back via tweet: 

    Brown: "@CMPunk needs more followers. He's such a leader! Not to mention the roids he's on has made it utterly impossible for him to pleasure a women." 

    Man…who wouldn't pay to see those two go at it on the playground after school? My money's on CM Punk.

Alex Rodriguez & Donald Trump

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    Leave it to insatiably angry lunatic Donald Trump to finally give me a reason to side with embattled Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez.

    We all know that things haven't been going well for A-Rod in New York recently. 

    He was benched through much of the 2012 playoffs. He underwent offseason hip surgery that may keep him out for all of 2013. And he's currently embroiled in yet another steroid scandal.

    But, in October 2013, Trump went off on Rodriguez during an on-air interview, insisting he had never been a fan, and urged the Yanks to dump him by any means possible. 

    The contempt Trump displayed for the player's union and the ignorance he showed about the business fundamentals of the game were classic Trump.

    A-Rod, proving he's more likable than someone, didn't respond to Trump's pathetic efforts to attract attention to himself by dragging someone else's name through the mud.

Miami Heat & Lil Wayne

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    One-man-beef-machine Lil Wayne recently struck up what has been described as a "bizarre" feud with the Miami Heat.

    A week after getting booked from a Heat home game for what Wayne said was for rooting for the Lakers, he was in Houston for the NBA All-Star game in February, when he took the stage for an event and declared, "The NBA banned me from all NBA events…because the Miami Heat told them to ban me."

    But reports out of Miami indicate he was booted for "making a gun gesture" at another fan. And the fact that he made that declaration from a stage at an All-Star event also undermines his story a bit.

    Truth and logic be dammed though—Wayne pressed on.

    First he led the crowd in a colorful anti-Heat chant, naming each of the "Big Three" by name. And, for good measure, he added that he had once laid with Bosh's wife…you know…in the biblical sense. Sheesh.

    That dude is straight up crazy sometimes.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Rick Ross

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    Boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. is always going at it with someone—in or out of the ring.

    One of his long time sparring partners out of the ring has been singer Rick Ross. Their verbal jabs back and forth date back to 2007, but they almost got physical in January 2010.

    Money and Ross reportedly ran into each other at the Las Vegas night club Vanity, the sight of P Diddy's New Years Eve part that year. Apparently tempers flared, words were exchanged, but ultimately cooler heads prevailed and the intense situation was diffused by Diddy.

    After five years you'd think this beef had some serious staying power, but in late 2012, Money and Ross actually teamed up to poke at rapper 50 Cent—the feud du jour for Mayweather. Speaking of...

Floyd Mayweather Jr. & 50 Cent

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    Former BFF's Floyd "Money" Mayweather and rapper 50 Cent have always had a relationship that has run very hot or cold, but the friendship seems to have ended for good as of November 2012.

    It also ended the pair's five year business partnership as well, TMT Promotions, which 50 had been working as a promoter for since 2007. 

    Who's to say what exactly the falling out was over, but there was definitely some tension over Money's relationship with Shantel Jackson, which dated back to August 2012. Since then the former besties have engaged in some verbal sparring over Twitter, sniping back and forth like a couple of jilted lovers. 

    In December, 50 called Money "a fool" for passing on a $100 million fight with Manny Pacquiao. And Money has shot back, employing the services of former foe Rick Ross to help mess with 50 publicly.

    When are these two going to quit all this childish nonsense and make up already. We all know they have something special.

WWE & Glenn Beck

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    In February, fired Fox News personality Glenn Beck, the face of gold-hoarding survivalists everywhere, ignited a feud with a surprising foe—the WWE.

    Angry about a storyline between Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio, Beck called out organization honcho Linda McMahon as "one of these progressive Republicans we worry about." 

    He went on to moan and groan about the WWE "demonizing the TEA Party" and dismissed the entire wrestling world, and presumably its loyal fans, as "stupid wrestling people."

    That's exactly the kind of drama the WWE feeds on—they couldn't have written a better arch! On the next episode of Raw, Beck was a hot topic. He had been invited to explain himself and his comments, but declined.

    And he's been ducking them ever since.

    But something tells me nobody at WWE is going to let this one die too soon. Beck can expect to be hounded for awhile. The Iron Sheik is have too much fun not to keep it going!

Mike Tyson & LL Cool J

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    Talk about ridiculous.

    Apparently rapper LL Cool J and former boxer Mike Tyson used to be pretty tight before engaging in a ridiculous lyrical feud in 1998. MTV described it as a welcomed new conflict—the first since the deaths of Notorious B.I.G. and Tupak Shakur. 


    Not only was another nasty feud not needed at the time, the little spat between LL and Tyson didn't even come close. It started when Tyson appeared in the Canibus video for "Second Round K.O." which took a little swipe at LL for having mostly female fans and a fake tattoo. 

    Ooooooo burn! 

    And Tyson wasn't even involved with the song or the band, aside from the cameo in the video. But that didn't stop LL for swiping back at Tyson (not Canibus) on the track "The Ripper Strikes Back." The offending line: "Heard that convicted rapist on the record too, fresh out of jail, ass cheeks still black and blue." 

    Alrighty. Apparently ribbing someone for having female fans is equivalent to mocking someone with taunts about prison rape in the mind of LL Cool J.