WWE On ESPN's E:60; Two Minute Preview Shows Creative Meeting

Colin VassalloCorrespondent IApril 11, 2009

World Wrestling Entertainment will be featured on ESPN's E:60 on Tuesday, April 14, starting at 7PM EST with an in-depth profile on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and his company.

Among the topics that will be discussed will be memories from McMahon's childhood including being abused as a child, reuniting with his birth father and more.

E:60 correspondent Jeremy Schaap also talked with McMahon about Chris Benoit, a topic which is usually avoided by anyone in WWE.

The piece will conclude with a backstage tour with Stephanie McMahon-Levesque as E:60 meets some of the most popular WWE Superstars.

It should be noted that WWE gave ESPN some of the best backstage access ever given to produce this show including letting ESPN cameras attend a creative meeting.

You can see a two minute preview at Wrestling-Online.com.