Exploring the Best Possible Packages the Vikings Could Fetch for Percy Harvin

Chris RolingFeatured ColumnistFebruary 27, 2013

Exploring the Best Possible Packages the Vikings Could Fetch for Percy Harvin

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    The Minnesota Vikings do not want to trade star receiver Percy Harvin, but could that stance change if the team is offered a great package in return for the controversial player?

    According to ESPN, head coach Leslie Frazier has made it clear at the scouting combine the team does not want to trade Harvin (via 1500ESPN.com). General manager Rick Spielman echoed these sentiments days earlier according to ESPN's Kevin Seifert:

    Spielman repeating his pat statement:"We have no intent" to trade Percy Harvin. Translate as you will. #Vikings

    —Kevin Seifert (@espn_nfcnblog) February 21, 2013


    The problem here is the term "no intent."

    Sure, the team has no intent on moving Harvin right now. They have not heard any offers they consider to be reasonable in exchange for his services.

    But what if they did?

    Intent can change at the drop of a hat. Harvin is unlikely to fetch more than a second-round pick (via 1500ESPN.com's Tom Pelissero) thanks to injuries and incidents, but there are a few teams that may be able to put together offers the Vikings simply cannot refuse.

    Let's take a look at a few packages the Vikings would have to jump all over in return for Harvin. 

6. San Francisco 49ers

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    Potential Package in Exchange for Harvin: second-round pick. 

    The San Francisco 49ers are fresh off a Super Bowl appearance and are a veteran team that looks to bring back most of its starters in 2013 for another run at a championship. 

    So what in the world is the team going to do with 14 picks in the 2013 NFL draft?

    Here's a hint—many of those picks may not even make the team when all is said and done. With that being the case, it would only make sense for San Francisco to explore some trades. 

    What better way to improve a Super Bowl-caliber team than by trading for a talent like Harvin? San Francisco has four picks in the first three rounds, so giving up a second-round pick for Harvin is nothing. 

    Once again it comes down to the Vikings actually wanting to move Harvin. It would be a great financial move and allow the team to build for the future if it could land a high pick for the wideout, so do not be shocked if it happens. 

5. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Potential Package in Exchange for Harvin: second-round pick. 

    The Jacksonville Jaguars intend to have an open competition at quarterback this offseason (NFL.com) between Blaine Gabbert, Chad Henne and likely a yet-to-be-named rookie. 

    New head coach Gus Bradley would love nothing more than to find a new offensive weapon who can help out the franchise both on and off the field. 

    Percy Harvin was a star while at the University of Florida and would excite the fanbase into buying tickets. It would also give Jacksonville a three-headed monster at receiver with Harvin, Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts III. 

    The Vikings may find better options on the trade market, but sending Harvin to an AFC team is an added bonus. It is a win-win for both sides if Minnesota cannot find a better deal and wants to ship Harvin out of town and out of the conference. 

4. Seattle Seahawks

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    Potential Package in Exchange for Harvin: Quarterback Matt Flynn and a second-round pick. 

    The Seattle Seahawks have a problem at backup quarterback. According to FOX Sports Wisconsin's Paul Imig, the team plans on keeping Flynn around despite his $5.25 million price tag to sit behind second-year quarterback Russell Wilson. 

    That would be a foolish move for a team ready to take the next step and become Super Bowl contenders. 

    Head coach Pete Carroll knows how close his team is and could offer its second-round pick and a backup he has no intentions of keeping anyway in exchange for a playmaker like Harvin. 

    The offer would have to at least intrigue the Vikings' front office. Christian Ponder was mediocre last year and had an average depth-of-target ratio of just 6.8 (ProFootballFocus). To keep it simple, this means Ponder lacks the ability to throw the ball downfield and throws the shortest passes out of any quarterback in the NFL. 

    With Flynn, you get an experienced veteran who has learned from Aaron Rodgers, and it takes a problem off of Minnesota's hands at the same time. 

3. New England Patriots

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    Potential Package in Exchange for Harvin: first-round pick. 

    The New England Patriots just signed quarterback Tom Brady to an extension that will keep him under contract with the team until he is 40 years old (ESPN).

    What better way to celebrate keeping around one of the NFL's top quarterbacks than by rewarding him with a shiny new weapon to hurt defenses with for the duration of that contract?

    According to The Boston Globe, the Patriots and slot receiver Wes Welker are working on a new three-year deal. Welker is already 31 years old, and if the two sides cannot come to terms, the team may let him walk and search for a younger alternative. 

    Bill Belichick is one of the most unpredictable coaches in the NFL. It seems like not long ago he took a chance on another ex-Vikings receiver named Randy Moss. It worked out pretty well for all involved. 

    Belichick holds the No. 29 overall pick in the draft, and rather than take a risk on a rookie, he could grab a sure thing in Harvin. 

    The Vikings would be foolish to turn down such an early pick in exchange for Harvin, and Belichick might be crazy (or smart?) enough to offer it. 

2. Miami Dolphins

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    Potential Package in Exchange for Harvin: second- and fourth-round picks. 

    The Miami Dolphins have a bit of a problem this offseason. It appears the team is parting ways with versatile running back Reggie Bush (via NFL.com's Ian Rapoport) and will be on the market for a wide receiver because second-year quarterback Ryan Tannehill is going to need some targets. 

    There are two big names on the open market the Dolphins could pursue—Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace. According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, head coach Joe Philbin is not interested in Jennings. It is hard to imagine the Dolphins will want to participate in a bidding war for Wallace, who appears to be demanding huge money (via Peter King of Sports Illustrated). 

    Miami has an alternative in Harvin. He softens the blow of losing Bush thanks to his ability to line up at all receiver positions and at running back. When healthy, he is a more productive all-around receiver than both Jennings and Wallace anyway. 

    The Dolphins could end up getting desperate and offer multiple picks for Harvin's services. Again, it would be shameful for the Vikings to not at least consider the proposal. 

1. New York Jets

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    Potential Package in Exchange for Harvin: Cornerback Darrelle Revis.

    Player-for-player trades are a rarity in the NFL, but this one makes a lot of sense. Both franchises have issues they are looking to solve with special players. 

    According to the New York Post, the New York Jets have been exploring moving Revis for quite some time. Most recently it has been revealed by Yahoo! Sports that a variety of teams have been calling about Revis after the Jets completely avoided any discussion of him at the scouting combine. 

    That's no way to treat your star player, and the Vikings could be one of those teams on the phone. 

    After all, the Vikings had one of the worst secondaries in all of football last season, coming in as the fifth-worst unit, according to ProFootballFocus. It is no secret the Jets and quarterback Mark Sanchez need as much help as they can get on the offensive side of the football. 

    It seems like this is a trade that makes too much sense to not happen. Both Revis and Harvin are among the best at their respective positions, have battled recent injuries and desperately need a change of scenery. 


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