MLB 13 the Show: Beginner Mode Invites Novice Gamers to Take Swing at New Game

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIFebruary 27, 2013

image from MLB The Show Facebook
image from MLB The Show Facebook

One of the few criticisms about MLB 13 The Show was that it was too challenging for some novice gamers. I can personally say that it gave me fits on several occasions, but I'm never one to shy away from challenges.

That said, I still appreciate Sony reaching out to gamers who might be discouraged by past failures on the virtual diamond. The Beginner Mode is designed to allow gamers to have fun while they work their way up to bigger challenges in the game.

Check out this trailer for more details and visual aids:

This is not the equivalent of putting the difficulty level on easy, and that excites me. I'm more enticed to actually try the game on this level when the game releases, just to see where I stack up.

Am I really as bad, or as good, as I think? Wherever I am in regard to skill, it will also be interesting to see how quickly the difficulty adjusts.

Depending on how fast the CPU adapts—and assuming the mode works as designed—it could be a feasible starting point for just about any gamer.

The statistics should only be skewed for the first game or so. If you're an advanced hitter, the game should recognize that you're tagging the fastball right down the middle, and start to change speeds and locations.

As a hurler, the window required in the pitching engine should also become more challenging to master.

Conceptually, this is an excellent idea. But as is the case with most any gaming concept, it is only as good as the actual execution.

If it takes the game too long to adapt, and even novice gamers have three guys with three home runs on opening day, then many may lose interest. Hopefully, it is as advertised.

This could become a staple in sports video games moving forward.


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